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Read-only participants: A Case for Student Communication in Online Classes

A Case for Student Communication in Online Classes
Grand Canyon University: UNIV 501
9 July 2011

A Case for Student Communication in Online Classes This article explains the importance of participation, interaction, and communication in the virtual classroom between the students and instructors. Many students today are enrolling in online classes to continue their education. Inside the online classroom, students began to meet and greet through discussion forums. Once a relationship and trust has been established between the students and instructors, an online community has been formed within that classroom. Students and their instructors will learn, communicate, and interact with one another throughout the course. Initially, everyone starts out participating in the online discussion forums, but then the true slackers make their appearance apparent in the online classroom. Some students log into the classroom, but show little or no involvement in the classroom or lack input in the discussion forums. This eventually creates a big problem in the online classroom. Due to the lack of log ins, participation, and interaction dismantles the classroom as a whole. A research study was done to show how the students who participated very little could cause disorder in the online classroom community and risk online learning.
Many education programs have become recognizable and more accessible online. People all over the world are taking advantage of online courses because their educational advancement is at the tip of their fingers. However, inside the virtual classroom, the lack of value and participation continue to be a problem: While online course enrolments continue to climb, retention and success rates in such courses and programs are frequently reported as…...

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