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A teaching case is a narrative that describes a specific, complex predicament that is written as an educational tool for exploring critical issues and developing a response. Teaching cases are a vital part of criticizing and enhancing the education system. Studying such cases will enlighten and encourage the educator to consider each student as an individual learner.
The plight of Jesus Gonzalez’s education lies in the balance. There are several areas of concern in his teaching case. Jesus Gonzalez is struggling first grader. He is a member of a migrant farm working family. They live in a community that is mostly Caucasian in the Midwest. The Gonzalez family considers themselves lucky to be living in a very small trailer on the property of their employer. Both his parents earn minimum wage but with no expense for rent, they are making ends meet.
The case is about Jesus Gonzalez but the supporting characters are certainly worth mentioning. Mr. Gonzalez’s main focus is providing for his family. Their standard of living is well below the poverty level and I’m sure there is a bit of hand to mouth surviving. Coming to this country is seen as an avenue for opportunity for work and education for his children, but when there is work to be done, education must take a back seat for survival. Mrs. Gonzalez values education and family values. She is hesitant to let Jesus associate with his peers at school because of what she sees as an unwanted influence over her son. She recognizes that half is day is spent in a world that she does not relate to, but she is forced to reconcile all of that with her desire for betterment for Jesus. Jesus’s struggle to learn English and to fit in with his school peers is apparent. Jesus does not like to be seen any different than the other students and would like the fact that his parents only speak Spanish to not be…...

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