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Case Study – Apollo Group

The Apollo Group was founded in 1973 by John Sperling. He saw a shift in higher education from the traditional younger college student to the working professional. He believed there was a need for an educational institute dedicated to working adults. With this in mind, the Apollo Group has several subsidiaries such as University of Phoenix, Carnegie Learning, Apollo Global, College for Financial Planning and Western International University to name a few.
University of Phoenix was founded in 1976 and is not only Apollo Group’s largest subsidiary, but also one of the largest private, accredited higher education institutes in the country. The University operates ground campuses in over 100 locations across the country, plus offers online programs globally. The University of Phoenix makes up almost 92% of the Apollo Groups total revenue and thus the subsidiary focused on the most.
University of Phoenix offers adult learners associate, bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees in over 20 different programs. They offer different learning platforms with online and ground campuses. They have a student population well over 350,000 and more than 700,000 alumni. They are the largest provider of education for adult learners in the United States.
While they are the largest, they are by no means the only. There are several for-profit educational companies that directly compete with University of Phoenix and its parent company the Apollo Group. A few of the top include Career Education and their American InterContinel University, American Public, Capella, and DeVry. Besides the for-profit companies just listed, there are many non-profit universities beginning to build a strong online presence such as Southern New Hampshire University. With the increasing presence of non-profit schools with online programs, they will become even bigger…...

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