Causation and Correlation

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Causation and Correlation

Causation and correlation may seem like the same thing, but they are not. Causation is ‘caused’ by one or more factors or a combination of factors. Such as ice cream melting, ice cream is a frozen treat, being in a warmer environment will cause the ice cream to melt. Correlation is different from causation because correlation is the similarities or relationship between variables.

Correlation can be strong or weak, positive or negative. An example of correlation is people that are wealthy are thin. There really isn't any data to prove that wealthy people are always thin, but it can be based on money. One of the factors in this is that wealthy people can afford many different resources that will cause them to lose weight. Be it surgery, personal trainers, or expensive medical treatments, wealthy people can afford it and so they have the ability to change their appearance.

Another example of correlation is that people with fewer cloths perform worse on standardized tests than those with more cloths. Again there isn't any data that can successfully prove this theory one way or another, but it can be attributed to poverty. Students that live in poverty do worse than those that don’t because they don’t have the resources of those that don’t live in poverty.
They may also lack the education needed to pass standardized tests successfully. Whereas, students that don’t live in poverty have more resources and support.

People with longer hair do better on auditory test is correlation, because there isn't any data that can show that doing better on auditory tests in caused by having long hair. Money is the root of all evil. In other words…...

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