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Academic Integrity Acknowledgement Form

This form is adapted from forms provided by the Office of Academic Integrity as an educational tool to help students maintain high standards of academic integrity (AI) in their work. The original versions are available online at: Students are expected to know what constitutes AI, to avoid committing academic offences, and to take responsibility for their actions. Students who are unsure whether an action constitutes an offence, or who need help in learning how to avoid offences (e.g., plagiarism, cheating) or about 'rules' for group work / collaboration should seek guidance from the course professor(s), tutor(s) or IA(s), TA(s), academic advisor(s), or the Undergraduate Associate Dean. For information on categories of offences and types of penalties, students should refer to Policy 71, Student Discipline, A student who believes that he/she has a ground to appeal a discipline decision should refer to Policy 72, Student Appeals, A student who believes that a decision or action of a faculty member has been unfair or unreasonable should refer to Policy 70, Student Petitions and Grievances,

Your electronic submission of the form indicates you understand UW policy and will comply with it throughout the term, including:
I will reference and footnote all ideas, words or other intellectual property from other sources used in the completion of every assignment. Each assignment will be completed by my own efforts and I will not collaborate with any other person for ideas or answers, except as noted within each submission. When submitting each assignment, please state all sources,…...

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