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THESIS STATEMENT: Cell Phone usage while driving has proven over and over again to be the leading cause in traffic accidents. It has also been a key factor in the communication skills in receiving and delivering urgent message before reaching your destination. I. INFLUENCES OF CELL PHONE DRIVING AND COMMUNICATION A. Using cell phone make drivers have less control of vehicle 1. Talking on the phone decreases awareness of road 2. Talking on the phone requires division of attention on the conversation and driving B. The need for communication 1. Delivering of important message 2. Receive urgent phone calls

II. BANNING THE USE OF CELL PHONES WOULD DECREASE ACCIDENTS A. Different state laws regarding cell phone/Statistics 1. No talking on the phone unless it is on speaker 2. Have no restriction 3. Cell Phone have made our lives more convenient 4. Reflexes of a person that talk on cell phones while driving B. Safety Suggestion 1. Pull off the road for extended phone calls 2. Tell the person you are talking to on the phone that you are driving 3. Ask passengers accompany to do the talking 4. Keep calls short 5. Only use the phone when you need to
Even though we offer safety suggestion when using a cell phone while driving, it is not enough to keep the safe cell phone drivers away from the dangerous ones. We as citizen need to be collective voice that lets our government know that we are tired of having innocent citizens hurt by distracted drivers. We need to be proactive so we don’t lose more people from our communities to careless accidents.


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