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The newly appointed President Joseph Fowler of Centurion Cable TV Division has signed a contract with Northpark Media for selling the advertising inventory at highly discounted rates. All the Vice Presidents and Sales Director have serious reservations against this decision. This scenario has led to conflict of interest among the stakeholders. But everyone except Bennette has decided to remain silent while Bennette always speaks out what he believes is the right thing to do. He never compromises over ethics and his integrity. Since he is about to retire in 2 years time, what should he do this time?
Main Problem
Conflict of interest exists within the company. Everyone in the regional sales departments is not convinced with Fowler decisions but they feel threatened to lose their jobs if they raise their voices.
Reasons for the Problem
- Fowler’s Credibility: Fowler intentions are doubted since he has shares in Northpark. He was also suspected for hiring his brother Steve as his special assistant and giving him broad authorities in areas where he had no experience and expertise.
- Fowler’s Competence: Though Fowler led Northpark to impressive growth and profits, however, Reilly considered his friendship with him in college and early days at work in Centurion while hiring him for the presidency position.
- Fowler’s Skills: Good Negotiator. Hence, he was able to convince Reilly, Watson, Smith and others for signing the contract with Northpark.
- Fowler’s Style of Management: Fowler was dictatorial and had little patience towards those who disagree with him. He had the history of indiscriminately firing long-time employees.
- Sales Department Structure: Centurion Cable Division had autonomous sales department for every region. Rates were established by the regional vice president on the basis of the demand or commercial placement and…...

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