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Ceremonial Speech Manuscript I would to thank all the RAZZIE members for selecting my film as the worst in 2010. I didn’t think that making an eighth installment of the Police Academy series was a good idea, but the studio made me an offer that was hard to turn down (especially after my wife saw all those zeros). The studio started me off with a decent script, but every other day a different executive would visit the set and make a “suggestion” that isn’t really a suggestion, but rather since I am here I need to look important and pretend that I am earning my paycheck. Despite all my protesting, executives don’t like to be told no, even if they have never written, directed or produced a movie. They took what could have been a decent movie and turned it into a wild sequence of special effects and explosions. How bad did it go? Well here are a few quotes from some of the movie critics: * “Utterly preposterous, just when you thought the series might get revived.” * “Where to begin counting the misdemeanors of this miserable, soulless travesty?” * “Abysmal...a serious miscalculation.” * “Apparently, somebody thought it was time for a series reboot. Clearly, somebody was dead wrong.” * “Exciting and exhilarating, the series is coming back” (I pretty sure this was meant for a different movie).
While the film was not a complete waste, I have to thank all the actors and actresses for not giving up half-way through the movie. Despite all the interference from others, they worked hard to try and salvage any little part of the movie they could. Thanks to the crew for not complaining very loudly about all the changes that kept them working late into the night. I hate to think how bad this could have been without all of their effort in this process.
However, there are a few people I would not like to thank. The studio, they gave hope that I…...

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