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Sample Examination Structure Topic Ethical and Professional Standards Quantitative Analysis Economic Analysis Financial Statement Analysis and Corporate Finance Portfolio Management Asset Valuation Total

Percent 15 12 10 28 5 30 100

Minutes 27 21 18 51 9 54 180

QUESTIONS 1 THROUGH 18 RELATE TO ETHICAL AND PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS AND ARE ALLOCATED 27 MINUTES. 1. According to the CFA Institute Standards of Practice Handbook, insider trading is least likely to be prevented by establishing: Select exactly 1 answer(s) from the following: A . fire walls. B watch lists, C. selective disclosure. 2. William Wong, CFA, is an equity analyst with Hayswick Securities. Based on his fundamental analysis, Wong concludes that the stock of a company he follows, Nolvec Inc., is substantially undervalued and will experience a large price increase. He delays revising his recommendation on the stock from “hold” to “buy” to allow his brother to buy shares at a lower price. According to the Standards of Practice Handbook, Wong is least likely to have violated the CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct that relate to: Select exactly 1 answer(s) from the following: A. duty to clients. B. reasonable b asis. C. duty to his employer. 3. During an onsite company visit, Marsha Ward, CFA, accidentally overheard the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Stargazer, Inc., discussing the company’s pending tender offer to purchase Dynamica Enterprises, a retailer of Stargazer products According to the Standards of Practice Handbook, Ward may not use the information to take investment action because: Select exactly 1 answer(s) from the following: A. the information relates to a tender offer. B. acting on the information would breach a duty to both the CEO and Stargazer.

C. she does not have a reasonable and adequate basis for taking…...

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...引言 人生何其短暂,用两个月的生命去通过一项考试那绝对是种十足的浪费,但既然你已 经被骗入了 CFA 这个沼泽中,既然你已经做好了人财两空的准备,既然你已经@#¥%&, 那么请不要在查分时刻默默地留下那屈辱的眼泪。 低盛总裁王小三: “看过 3.5 的《CFA 一级那些事》 ,那绝对是屋漏偏逢不下雨,船迟只 觉背来风。 ” 摩根.华伦天奴全球高级副总裁迈克尔.贝 克 汉 姆 : “闹事呢?这不是砸 CFA 场子么?” 考试有风险,复习需谨慎 ——张三点五丰 一、本文适用范围: 1、 全文适用于准备 CFA1 的在校学生不限专业。 2、 全文适用于准备 CFA1 有 3 个月以上准备时间的在职人员。 3、 部分适用于准备 CFA1 不符合以上两条的考生 4、 CFA2、3 级考生请绕道。 二、作者背景 1. 学历:低于北京 TP 二校的理工科本科 2. 复习时间:2 个月左右的脱产复习 3. 复习方式:在南京某知名高校内与两名 candidate 一起复习 4. 复习遍数:大概 notes2.5 遍。习题 3 遍 5. 考试成绩:除 alternative investment B,其余 A 6. 考试用时:上午 1 小时 20 分钟,下午 1 小时 30 分钟 三、正文 3.1 复习资料、习题 5 星推荐必看 a) Schweser Notes 5 本(课本部分) Schweser Notes 5 本(习题部分) 5 星推荐必做 b) 5 星推荐必购 c) 某机构中文翻译(广告位招租) 负 5 星推荐(学术型人才推荐) d) 官方 Reading(课本部分) 6 星推荐必做 e) 官方 Reading(习题部分) 5 星推荐必做 f) 近两年官方 mock (俗称模拟题) g) 近两年官方 sample (俗称样题) 6 星推荐必做 4 星推荐选作 h) 某机构百题预测(广告位招租) 1 星推荐蛋疼者做之 i) Notes 练习(也就是 6、7 两本) 3 星推荐选看 j) 官方 道德手册 3 星推荐选看 k) 辅导班视频(广告位招租) 老婆一只 自己看着办吧 l) 本 3.5 没上 m) 辅导班(广告位招租) 本 3.5 没看 n) 其他 3.1.1 阅读资料 说到考试资料,那官方的 Reading 就是纯 TM 扯淡,如果在今年能够收到电子版的情 况下,还去花着 N 百刀买那自己用着都心疼的铜版纸教材,绝对是烧包的表现,一来不支 持低碳生活,二来过于支持 CFA 的宗旨——骗钱第一,考试第二。 在官网注册完,直奔万能的 Taobao,在搜索栏 baidu 一下“CFA Notes”你就能看到一 个真正的完全竞争市场。具体书的颜色每年不一样,但要用的是哪本,哥们你懂的。 同时某些机构的中文翻译教材,绝对是上佳之选,不要和我 zhuangbility 说兄弟你的 英文能力多么销魂,就是再 TM 销魂,你告诉我什么是 qualified 和 unqualified,如果告诉 我是“合格”和“不合格”的,本 3.5 告诉你,S+B 离你已经不是太远了。 此外有许多朋友会推荐官方的道德手册(网购 notes 的时候一般会送你) ,这个问题下 一章节会提及。 作为补充,辅导班的“免费”视频同样是可以用来借鉴的,3000 多块钱白给,不要白 不要。 另外某机构的百题预测也是可以用来把玩的,相当于在最后,对知识点做一个大致的 温习,不过里面有些题目的答案并不完全正确,当然已经通读 notes 的你肯定能够判断出......

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...rcs C Al e1 xm -h b gn ig f ln ra F e l ea te einn o a o g o d v C Al e2 xm - a w y h r F e l ea h l a tee v f C Al e3 xm -h l t l F e l ea tea mi v s e O h r sflno te ueu if Tp fr a dd ts iso cn iae Atr od f wr e 1 4 1 0 2 2 5 5 6 6 7 1 8 9 9 7 Guide for the CFA exam by TimePrep PREFACE Welcome to the world of the CFA program! Since you're reading this, it is likely that you are a CFA candidate, or you are considering becoming one. Either way, we hope that you will find this book helpful. The general idea behind this book is to offer CFA candidates useful advice, written by other CFA candidates and charter holders. There are several segments of the book and we recommend going through them all since it is not a heavy read, and it may prove useful for your preparation. The book starts with general information about the CFA program – the basics of the program, benefits of attending it, the complexity of the program in whole etc. In the second chapter we will provide you with some general advice in preparation – how to organize your time, what strategy elements to use, how to find time for studying and also an overview of the various prep tools that can help you. The following three chapters of the book are each related to one of the levels of the CFA Exam – here you can read various useful information regarding study materials, types of questions that appear on the exam, articles regarding the review phase etc. The sixth chapter gives you advice regarding your learning......

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...Sample Level I Multiple Choice Questions 1. Sammy Sneadle, CFA, is the founder and portfolio manager of the Everglades Fund. In its first year the fund generated a return of 30 percent. Building on the fund’s performance, Sneadle created new marketing materials that showed the fund’s gross 1year return as well as the 3 and 5-year returns which he calculated by using back-tested performance information. As the marketing material is used only for presentations to institutional clients, Sneadle does not mention the inclusion of back-tested data. According to the Standards of Practice Handbook, how did Sneadle violate CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct? A. He did not disclose the use of back-tested data. B. He failed to deduct all fees and expenses before calculating the fund’s track record. C. The marketing materials only include the Everglades Fund’s performance and are not a weighted composite of similar portfolios. 2. Roberto Vargas, CFA, is in charge of the compliance program at his investment firm. According to the Standards of Practice Handbook, as a supervisor, Vargas is least likely required to: A. respond promptly to all violations. B. disseminate the contents of the program to all personnel. C. incorporate a professional conduct evaluation as part of an employee’s performance review. 3. Regarding the definition of the firm, the GIPS Standards require all of the following except: A. firms must be defined as an investment firm. B. a firm’s......

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...Session 1 - Ethical and Professional Standards ............................................ 13 Study Session 2 - Ethical and Professional Standards: Application Self-Test - Ethical and Professional Standards ....................... 110 128 138 256 262 339 344 349 358 ..................................................... Study Session 3 - Quantitative Methods for Valuation Self-Test - Quantitative Methods for Valuation Study Session 4 - Economics for Valuation Self-Test - Economics for Valuation Formulas ........................................ ................................................... ......................................................... .................................................................... ............................................................................................................ Appendices Index ........................................................................................................ ................................................................................................................. SCHWESERNOTES™ 2013 CFA LEVEL II BOOK 1: ETHICAL AND PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS, QUANTITATIVE METHODS, AND ECONOMICS ©20 12 Kaplan, Inc. All rights reserved. Published in 20 12 by Kaplan Schweser. Printed in the United States of America. ISBN: 978-1-4277-4264-3 I 1-4277-4264-2 PPN: 3200-2849 If this book does not have the hologram with the Kaplan Schweser logo on the back......

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...Introduction 写这个东西,赠与友人,可以算一个 200 小时一级攻略吧,如果你说你没有 200 小时,请不要 follow 本攻略,定有他方神明可以医治,什么 7 天跳龙门,15 天攻克 cfa 之类。。 写得这个东西也不是知识点完全总结,自认也没有能力写个知识点完全总结,更多的是把学习方 法写下来,帮助友人节省时间,少肥高效建设社会主义。 增加一点 qualification,让您有信心多读两句,证明以下内容不是 100% bullshit, 本人数学小 master,金融从业两年,主要接触 portfolio management,market risk,derivative 一类的 bullshit, 对 fsa,corporate finance,ethics,fixed income, economics 所知甚少,cfa 零散准备 300+小时, 一级刚刚通过 10A0B0C Ethics: Step 1: 背 把我写的东西死记硬背下来(1 个小时吧) 先把所有 ethics standard 的点背上来吧,七大条,专职投资客成员冲突(professionalism, duty to employer, investment, integrity of capital market, duty to client, cfa member, conflict of interest) 底下小条也要背啊,具体说就是,说话办事发毒品(misconduct, misrepresentation, knowledge of law, independence and objectivity), 草私(market manipulation, material nonpublic information), 平和中秘密表现(fair dealing, suitability, loyalty, preservation of confidentiality, performance presentation)长官忠于钱(duty as supervisor, loyalty, additional compensation arrangement) 勤交 保(diligence and reasonable basis, communication with client, record retention) 介绍工作优先 (referral fee, disclosure of conflict, priority of transaction),其实这段可以编个黑帮小故事的。 Step 2: 读 这一部分目的,是对每一小条有基本理解,可以粗略读读 handbook,每一小条前面的 principal, (5 小时左右),也可以听听金程讲的(20 小时左右),视勤勉程度而定,勤快就自己读,懒就听 人讲 Step 3:练 Handbook 这个地方只有 case,读着容易让人走神,不如金程百题来得过瘾,做每一个小条的题, 错了纠错,for example, independence and objectivity, 我的感觉是为了保持独立客观公正性,对 ibd 部门的客户,要保持距离,不能 cover,但实际做题发现是可以 cover 的,只需 disclose,这种违 反常识的条目,要粗条记忆 这个部分大概 10 小时时间,大概能总结 30......

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... CFA 1. i. Mental accounting is best illustrated by Statement #3. Sampson’s requirement that his income needs be met via interest income and stock dividends is an example of mental accounting. Mental accounting holds that investors segregate funds into mental accounts (e.g., dividends and capital gains), maintain a set of separate mental accounts, and do not combine outcomes; a loss in one account is treated separately from a loss in another account. Mental accounting leads to an investor preference for dividends over capital gains and to an inability or failure to consider total return. ii. Overconfidence (illusion of control) is best illustrated by Statement #6. Sampson’s desire to select investments that are inconsistent with his overall strategy indicates overconfidence. Overconfident individuals often exhibit risk-seeking behavior. People are also more confident in the validity of their conclusions than is justified by their success rate. Causes of overconfidence include the illusion of control, self-enhancement tendencies, insensitivity to predictive accuracy, and misconceptions of chance processes. iii. Reference dependence is best illustrated by Statement #5. Sampson’s desire to retain poor performing investments and to take quick profits on successful investments suggests reference dependence. Reference dependence holds that investment decisions are critically dependent on the decision-maker’s reference point. In this case, the reference point is......

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Cfa Mock a CFA charterholder, members of her team manipulated the valuation model to increase the newly public company's stock price. She and all of the analysts on the team purchased shares of the oversubscribed IPO for their personal accounts and then purchased the remainder of the firm's allocation of shares for appropriate client accounts, a practice which is permitted by local securities laws. The analyst: A. did not violate the Standard I(A) Knowledge of the Law. B. violated Standard 1(A) Knowledge of the Law by purchasing the shares of the IPO but not by allowing the report to be published. C. violated Standard I(A) Knowledge of the Law both by allowing the report to be published and by purchasing the shares of the IPO. 2. Green Investments utilizes the CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct as their standards for ethical practice. For purposes of compliance, which of the following is least likely a violation of Green Investments' policies? A. One of Green Investments' marketing brochures states that several of the firm's portfolio managers passed all three levels of the CFA exam on their first attempts. B. At a meeting with potential clients, chief investment officer Bill Ray, CFA, states that he is among an "elite group of the most qualified investment professionals who have earned the right to use the CFA designation." C. In interviewing a prospective employee, a portfolio manager at the firm says that the position could be financially rewarding because "CFA......

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...adopted the CFA Institute. Standards of Professional Conduct, has recently published a new marketing brochure highlighting the accomplishments of its investment professionals. Which of the following statements made in York's marketing brochure is a violation of Standard VII(B) Reference to CFA Institute, the CFA Designation, and the CFA Program? A. Roger Langley, Chartered Financial Analyst, has been a portfolio manager with York for ten years and passed all three levels of the CFA examinations on his first attempts. B. Langley is one of three CFAs on staff with York. We expect that two more of our staff members will earn the right to use the designation in the future. C. Paul Yeng has retired from the firm after 25 years of service. Yeng was awarded the CFA charter in 1988. Much of the firm's past successes can be attributed to Yeng's efforts as an analyst and portfolio manager. 2. Hedge Funds Unlimited, a global hedge fund, has publicly acknowledged in writing that it has adopted the CFA Institute Code and Standards as its policies. Which of the following is least likely a violation of the firm's policies? A. An analyst at the firm working overseas uses material nonpublic information as allowed by local law to make investment decisions for discretionary client accounts. B. A junior analyst at the firm uses a subscription to his local newspaper and the opinions of his friends and colleagues to make investment recommendations for discretionary client accounts. C. A CFA......

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