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Week Five Directed Study

Chapter 14 Review Questions

4. Identify and define the five core job dimensions and the three psychological states I the job Characteristics Model.

Skill variety is the degree to which the job includes different activities and involves using multiple skills and talents of an employee. Task identity is the degree in which the job requires completion or doing the job from beginning to the end. Task significance is the degree to which the job has substantial impact on the work of others in either the immediate organization or another external environment. Autonomy is the degree to which the job would provide the employee with significant freedom and discretion in scheduling work and determining procedures used in carrying out the work. Feedback is where the employee carrying out the work is given feedback on their performance and the effectiveness to which they preform those duties. The critical psychological states included experienced meaningfulness of the work which means that employees feel their job is meaningful and they feel it is worth while. When an employee feels they are being held accountable they experience responsibility for the work they are performing. Knowledge is a result of when an employee knows and can understand how they effectively are performing the job.

Discussion and Communication

3. Is it possible for American companies to apply approaches to the design of work that were developed in other countries?

Yes I believe so. It is important that U.S. companies interact with other countries. NAFTA agreement components will see the issues of the design as a very important component.

4. What is the most important emerging issue in the design of work?

Telecommuting has eliminated the need for many people to travel to work. Alternative work patterns have made it easier for employees to manage…...

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