Change and Innovation

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Change and Innovation
Marion Farda
HCA 250
April 22nd, 2012
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Change and Innovation
The world we live in is constantly changing, this means that technology is always changing, and businesses must change to keep up. Recently there has been a big change in the medical field, from advances in the treatment choices one now has to the way our medical treatment is delivered in terms of the newest equipment that has been created.
There has been one very significant change in medical technology and that is in the way our medical history is stored, gone are the days of paper records; we now have been introduced to Electronic Medical Records. This means all of our health information is now stored on a computer. The changes make hand written notes that are at most very hard to read a thing of the past, and giving the health care provider the ease of having all your information at hand with just a few keystrokes compared to searching through stacks of papers in a file.
Change is a factor in a person’s personal life as well as in their professional life. “The idea that human beings naturally resist change is deeply embedded in our thinking about change. Our language (e.g. “resistance to change”), our assumptions, and mental models about change all seem to imply that something in our natures lead us to resist change. However, it is easy to find examples of human beings, from childhood on through old age, actively seeking out change of all sorts. Human beings do not necessarily resist change automatically; however, many people do resist being changed, i.e., having changes imposed on them” (National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S., 2009, p.2)
If managers understood the most common reasons people object to change it would give managers the opportunity to plan the change strategy in order to address these factors. While it’s not possible…...

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