Change in General Motors

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Change in General Motors
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Change In General Motors

General Motors Corporation was founded by William Durrant in 1902, since their conception they have produced nearly 450 million vehicles globally. The goliath corporation operates in virtually every country in the world. Up until the past decade GM was enjoying rapidly growing sales and revenues across the board. However, with the current economic meltdown the ability to capture and sustain marketshare while add to their bottom line has shown to be more than challenging. Through this global economic crisis business leaders are left no choice but to make critical decisions that will enable their corporations to survive. Change is prevalent and management has no choice but to face the fact that they have got to change in order to survive. I think changes will have to be made in all functions of business such as structure, wages, marketing, branding, logistics, management style, and technology.
The auto industry today employs about ten percent of the workforce. This means that 1 out of every 10 Americans are tied to the auto industry in some function whether they are suppliers, dealers, consultants, accountants, auditors etc. GM is also one of the largest purchasers of U.S. steel, aluminum, iron, copper, plastics, rubber, electronics, and computer chips. The reality is that if GM can’t make a turn around and start posting profits the other businesses that thrive by supplying services to support GM’s operations or sell their products will also fail to survive, it’s like a domino effect, when one falls the rest follow assuming their economy of scope is limited to that particular sector. According to Auto Interiors Conference, U.S. auto sales across all manufacturers, foreign and domestic have declined by more than 30% which is the steepest decline…...

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