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5) Cohesion is the degree of interaction within a module. If the operation's code is weakly connected or intertwined it will cause many issues. These issues have to be fixed. Maintenance is how these issues are fixed. Sometimes it is corrective maintenance, other times it will be enhancement. This need for maintenance comes from the interactions not running smoothly. Sometimes the faults are isolated and maintenance is much easier.

6) Coupling has an influence on maintenance. If the couple is tight then it is more prone to faults. That is normally because if one change is made to a module the coupled module might need to be changed as well. If they both are then everything should function correctly. But they are changed during post-maintenance. If the coupling is attended to correctly then it may not have as many effects on maintainability.

9) This can happen but the fault will be found later. The product will function but at a slower rate until the fault manifests. If a change is made to one module then it must be made to the other during post delivery maintenance in order for it to work correctly. That is if it is tightly coupled. If not then it might as well been coupled loosely.

10) Data encapsulation is when each operation has its own entry point and exit point and independent code. It is a example of separation of concerns. The data structure along with the operations to be performed on that data structure. Data encapsulation and development allows us as developers to conceptualize on higher levels. Data encapsulation and maintenance is identifying the aspects of a product likely to change. Also, design the product to minimize the effects of future changes. Abstract data types are data types together with the operations to be performed on instantiations of those data types. Abstract data types support both data abstraction and procedural…...

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