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Charles Spearman has been a strong influence throughout the psychology world. Working with powerful people he studied correlation and statistics. He started out differently than most psychologists but made his name known.
Charles was born on London on September 10th, 1863 into a respected family. Charles Spearman was the second son of Alexander Young Spearman. Alexander died at the age of 33 in 1865. His mother, Louisa Ann Caroline Amelia Spearman remarried to Henry Seel who taught in London. But, eventually, his mother became widowed again. In 1901, Spearman married Fanny Aikman, with whom he had a son and four daughters with but his son inevitably died in World War 1. Even though Spearmen excelled in mathematics and science, his heart belonged to philosophy which would later turn into psychology. He went to Leamington College and after that, enrolled into the Royal Engineers of the British Army in 1988. He was awarded many medals throughout his 15 years in the Army but always believed that life’s problems could be solved using psychology . He studied abroad because at the time psychology was thought of as philosophy in Great Britain. He eventually got his PhD in experimental psychology. He chose to study in Leipzig under William Wundt, but also worked together with Oswald Kaulpe (1862-1915) at the University of Waurzburg and with Georg Elias Mauller (1850-1934) at the University of Gaottingen. Spearman was soon back in action though, because of the South African War or the Boer War. After that, he obtained his degree in 1906.
William Wundt was considered the “Father of Psychology” but Spearman’s true influence was Sir Francis Galton. Other influences included: two well-known psychologists Raymond Cattell and David Wechsler, and five others who were influenced by him were Anne Anastasi, J. P. Guilford, Philip Vernon, Cyril Burt, and Arthur Jensen. Without…...

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