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The Charter versus Public Debate
The article Charter Schools vs. Public Schools: Which One is Under Performing takes a closer look at the realities of the charter versus public school debate. In some cities, such as Manhattan, the District of Columbia and parts of Los Angeles, charter schools are a necessary option for parents that cannot afford private schools but want a better education for their children than what the public school system can provide, according to the big screen documentary “Waiting for Superman” written and directed by Davis Guggenheim. This particular article focuses on charter schools as a whole and looks at the entire country. In the article, arguments are shown for both the charter school side and public school side of the argument. Unfortunately, very little factual data is given to support the opinions given. Demographic information, test data and other various factors used to measure performance are mentioned yet not supported, leaving the reader to wonder what is really true.
Analysis of Article The author used three various sources, US News and World Report, Stanford, and one non-profit organization, The sources used by the author do make the article seem very reliable. Both sides of the argument are represented in an unbiased way, but not many statistical facts are used to support the arguments. The article would seem more credible if actual statistics were used. Since there were no statistics stated, the validity of the article is hard to assess, as there is no real way to fact check. The information as presented can be seen as merely the opinions to both sides of the article.
Some logical fallacies presented in the article are that only children that are English Language Learners (ELL) or poverty level children benefit from being placed into charter schools but that the…...

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