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Ethics Awareness Inventory 10/11/13 University of Phoenix, Tom Jensen

| C | O | R | E | (Row Total) | Most | 8 | 6 | 7 | 3 | 24 | Least | 0 | 5 | 6 | 13 | 24 | Combine | 8 | 1 | 1 | -10 | 0 |

The Ethics Awareness Inventory shows that I am mostly aligned with (C) Character, and least aligned with (E) Equity. This was a great exercise as I was able to gain insight as to my ethical perspective, style, and why I may become frustrated when faced with an ethical dilemma.

The analysis points out that my ethical point of view on what it is good to be, instead of what it is good to do. If I had to summarize what the advice the analysis was giving me, I would say it indicates that I need to be more diverse in my thinking. The process cautions me to be more patient that others may not share the same values. I think this is good advice. In the work place, I have 25 people reporting to me and deal with many people. They all come from different backgrounds and may be at different stages of their life.

Society is not equal and people don't have the same chance to develop the integrity and respect for the individual as I have. I can apply this at my job when communicating with others. I need to be careful to not come off judgmental when others that do not share similar virtues. When the subject of ethics arise can use it as an opportunity to articulate my values and discuss how to develop an ethical character. I am impressed with the key phrases from the perspectives table as I often hear myself saying these exact things. I can definitely use the provided information as a tool to develop my decision making. I think using the four steps of ethical decision making is going to help me remain on a good path especially related to the social pressures of ethics. This has affected my decision making in the past as I tend to care…...

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...Ethics Awareness Inventory According to the Ethics Awareness Inventory Scoring Summary based on letter category in which the lowest combined score reflects values most to least in agreement with a person’s view on ethics. There are key words that are categorized to represent a primary value that forms a basis on ethical decision making within a person’s ethical perspective (William Institute, 2006). CORE stands for, character, obligation, results and equity. Each one is important in making an ethical decision. Individuals’ have character that is unique, some feel obligated and believe that people deserve to be treated fairly, just like equity in which many believe that everything should be based on equal share and making a decision ends with a result. In my summary score, my ethical profile is most closely aligned with O for obligation and is least aligned with R for results. While taking this test and before answering the questions I had to really think about them, in which gave me a better understanding of my critical thinking skills. In past classes, critical thinking has been a major part of my education and within my personal life. This analysis of my test made me think hard and question my ethical beliefs. To understand this test, I had to believe there was no right or wrong answers but to be honest and open within myself of what I as a human being believed in. My results did not surprise me because I have always thought that people should be treated with respect......

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