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Chemical compatibility is a measure of how stable a substance is when mixed with another substance.[1] If substances mix and do not change they are considered compatible. If substances mix and change or do not mix at all they are considered incompatible. For example, because bleach and ammonia, both commonly used as cleaners are not compatible chemicals, as they react. The recants in this case are dangerous so care must be taken not to allows these chemicals to mix when attempting to use them as cleaners.

Chemical Compatibility Concerns in Storage

Chemicals play an important role in many workplace applications. The inherent hazards of chemicals can be reduced by minimizing the quantity of chemicals on hand. However, when chemicals must be in-house, proper storage and handling can reduce or eliminate associated risks.
Proper storage information can usually be obtained from the Safety Data Sheet (SDS), label or other chemical reference material. As required by 29 CFR 1910.1200, an SDS must be on hand for every chemical in your workplace. The SDS and chemical label can be consulted for information on special storage requirements. The SDS can also answer questions such as: * Is the chemical a flammable? * Is the chemical a corrosive? * Does the chemical need to be stored other than at ambient temperature? * Is the chemical an oxidizer or reducer? * Is the chemical light sensitive? * Does the chemical require any special handling procedures?
Typical storage considerations may include temperature, ignition control, ventilation, segregation and identification. Proper segregation is necessary to prevent incompatible materials from inadvertently coming into contact. If incompatible materials were to come into contact, fire, explosion, violent reactions or toxic gases could result. When segregating chemicals, acids should not be stored with…...

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