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OKOROMU OMOHAN DANIEL 51, Nuru-Oniwo Street, Aguda, S/Lere, Lagos. Tel: 08022230878, 01-8503335

PERSONAL DATA ▪ Date of Birth: 16th June, 1967 ▪ State of Origin: Edo State

Nationality: Nigerian

▪ Gender: Male ▪ Marital Status: Married

CAREER OBJECTIVE: ▪ To develop a career with a reputable organisation, whose priorities are placed in the achievement of excellence through hard-work, integrity and result oriented services to succeed.

▪ To engage in a challenging task around with opportunities to make decision on managerial level.


▪ Ability to take on tasks and accomplish them ▪ Ability to assume responsibility quickly and effectively ▪ Inter-personal skills ▪ Ability to adapt to change ▪ Excellent communication skills


▪ University of Lagos, School of M. Sc Geography Postgraduate Studies. (2007- 2008)

▪ University of Lagos, Faculty B.Sc (Hons.) Geography & Planning of Environmental Sciences, (1986-1990) Geography & Planning

▪ C.M.S. Grammar School, Bariga W.A.S.C O’Level Lagos – State (1978-1984)

• Biggix Limited Corporate Management Integration N.P.A.Tin Can Island Port, Lagos. (CMI). (September 22-24 1999)

• Laimog (Consulting) Ventures Effective Cost Management Strategies Tin Can Port, Apapa. Course. (October 24-26, 2001)

• Flame Communications International…...

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