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Unit 2.5, 3.1 & 3.2 Explain barriers to partnership working and how to overcome these.

Barriers to partnership working can be many. The lack of trust of professionals by parents can be a factor. Also, incorrectly trained staff can pose many problems, including inconsistency between staff members. Another factor is incomplete or incorrect information being supplied.
Ways in which to overcome these barriers are listed below: * Honest and open communication * Accept the challenges each other faces * Acknowledge each other’s expertise * Provide accessible information (jargon free etc.) * Consider the family’s other commitments when arranging meetings and adjust the time, date and venue accordingly * Respect individual family differences (e.g. culture) * Include family carers/relatives in training * Keep communication channels open, even if you disagree

By improving partnership working you can achieve greater equality, mutual respect and better satisfaction. It will also be a more efficient use of everybody’s time. You can create a positive, empowering and supportive relationship with everyone working together towards the same goals. Most importantly you can achieve better outcomes for the child.

Unit 2.5, 3.4 Explain the potential tension between maintaining confidentiality and the need to disclose information:

- When Poor practice is identified

With regards to poor practice, it is imperative that you disclose information to your manager, or if this is not possible, to a DSL. It may be a worry that relationships between colleagues will suffer, however poor practice needs to be addressed. The information should be disclosed in a private and confidential setting within your practice.

- Where a child is at risk

In this case, the safety and well-being of the child is paramount. It is our duty to protect the child…...

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