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Weak USA Cyber Policy vs China’s Security Threat to the USA?


A cyber spy network based mainly in China hacked into classified documents from government and private organizations. One of the biggest questions still remains unanswered. Should the U.S. Congress conduct an in depth assessment of Chinese cyber spying and consider imposing tougher penalties on companies that benefit from industrial espionage. In this paper I will review china’s cyber threat and possible USA solutions to protect against the threat.

Could Weak USA Cyber Policy be the cause of China’s Security Threat?
U.S. corporations and cyber security specialists have reported an daily attack of computer network intrusions originating from China. Of the seven cases that were adjudicated under the Economic Espionage Act in 2010, six involved a link to China. U.S. corporations and cyber security specialists have reported a huge increase of computer network intrusions originating from China. Some of these reports have alleged a Chinese corporate or government sponsor of the activity, but the U.S. intelligence community has not been able to confirm these reports. In a study released in February, McAfee attributed an intrusion attempt they labeled Night Dragon to a Chinese Internet Protocol (IP) address and indicated the intruders stole data from the computer systems of petrochemical companies (Minnick, W. 11 Dec, 2011).”
So could the problem be U.S. Cyber policy? I believe congressional committees should conduct an in depth assessment of Chinese cyber espionage practices and their implications, then report the findings to the public so all will be aware. In reviewing the analysis of the commission findings; Congress also should conduct a review of existing legal penalties for companies found to engage in, or benefit from, industrial espionage. To address this threat, federal…...

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