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For Beginning Band, there were around 50 people. There were many different instruments and within each set of instruments, most of it was blended. However, there were some parts when it is just one group going and something seemed off. The mood was set and there were good dynamics. For the most part, everyone was ready for their part. I think the percussionists deserve a pat on the back for keeping a good beat. I really liked the start because it was a strong start and I was not ready for it. For Concert Band, there were around 30 people. The dynamics were definitely better than beginning. The mood was super intense for Little Red in the Hood. The dynamics really set the mood and the build-up really set the story. I knew when the wolf appeared. There was also a really strong ending for this song.

The Jazz Ensemble was amazing. I think I enjoyed this performance the most. I never thought that I would like Jazz becomes it doesn’t seem like something fun to listen. After their performance, my opinion changed. There were around 10 people in this group. Even though there were 4 trumpets, they did not overtake the sounds of the other instruments. Also, the solos really stood out. When some instruments were not playing, they did not just stand there and had a dead face. Instead, they grooved to the beats and looked like they were enjoying the performance and having fun.

I didn’t take notes for the remaining two because I wanted to sit back and enjoy the performance. The remaining two parts were also good. They had good dynamics and rhythm. None of the instruments stuck out in their group. This is the first band concert that I have ever been to since coming to Whitney. What I can take out from this is that in order to put on a truly satisfying performance for the audience and the performers, we have to enjoy it and not just have a dead face when it is not our…...

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