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Prayer is one of the most powerful and frequently used spiritual interventions performed by Christian counseling groups all over the world. However, combining religion and science has always been a controversial issue for centuries. According to Weld and Eriksen, most clients want to include their spirituality and their religion as part of their counseling sessions. The integration of this spiritual therapy is done by conducting surveys and observations. The core of this survey is to gather insight on their beliefs and finding out what method of conducting prayer is appropriate and spiritually motivated. These studies were done at 1 church counseling center and 6 private practices. The ages ranged from 18 to 77 with 64% being females and 36% being males.(Weld & Eriksen, 2007). These two instrumentations are called “the brief therapy” survey is used for clients and “the prayer survey”, which is used for the therapists’ purpose. The brief therapy survey is aimed at the therapist to monitor client’s needs and wants with regards to his counseling sessions. These surveys allow therapists to respect their client’s wishes so as to integrate a working profile for each individual; which in turn allows therapists to build a healthy relationship with clients along with a their spiritual needs fulfilled. The prayer surveys are scales of numbers. It is aimed at the client and it uses survey completed by clients to grade their therapist (sessions); and as the numbers get higher the specific and personal control of the client needs and wants are more defined. An example of a question on this survey might be “I would like my counselor to prayer longer during my sessions”. These studies show that no specific religious groups needed spiritual counseling more than another and the indication of audio prayers during each…...

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