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In this report I will discuss factors that affect an organization’s approach to both attracting talent and recruitment and selection. My report will also include some recruitment methods and its advantages.
Benefits to the Organization of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.
Currently, an increasing number of organizations are attempting to enhance inclusiveness of underrepresented individuals through proactive efforts to manage their diversity. Recruiting is a critical staffing activity for organizations, but its impact on the job seeker is poorly understood. Much remains to be learned about individual differences in reactions to recruitment efforts.
Improve business performance
Research findings from industrial and organizational psychology and other disciplines cast doubt on the simple assertion that a diverse workforce inevitably improves business performance.
Positive company image
Organizations with good reputation hire individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. This provides a great deal of confidence amongst the customers. Organizations often benefits from a diverse work force, such as operational benefit in festive time or just simply ability to speak another language.
Increased productivity
A diverse company can lead to greater productivity. The company will also gain from each employee learning from each other’s experiences and applying this new-found knowledge to their work. Employees from different backgrounds see processes and practices from different perspectives and therefore are able to bring fresh ideas to the table.
Factors affecting Organization’s approach to talent planning
Skill gap
Availability of potential employee with right kind of skills will have an impact on future supply of human resources.
Brand Identity
An organization with positive image will find it easier to attract and retain…...

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