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The power of Cirque du Soleil IT usage

Cirque du Soleil is the largest theatrical producer in the world. They capitalize the advantage of implementing information technology in their business model. Surprisingly, they implement information technology in almost every part of their touring show life cycle that people do not imagine.
In creation and diffusion process, information technology nurture and enhance the operation like scenography, choreography, and ticket sale. The development of intranet allow the employee to share their discoveries, which can changes their business strategy. This enable Cirque du Soleil’s internal communication to become more efficient and effective. On the other hand, it also brings value to the external communication. Consumers can understand this company’s strategies and information easily. At the same time, the company can gain information about customer’s preference. The interaction between two parties have significantly increase.
In design and logistic process, information technology helped to save and transfer the documents about making hat, wigs and building their infrastructure. Performing artist to now able to do their own make- up without hiring a make-up artist. Moreover, the documents is very important to the architecture building of the shows. These functions allow Cirque du Soleil to save their cost and time, At the same time, it reduces information complexity through standardization.
The performance and skills level of the performance artists are improved after merging information technology to their business. Physical fitness specialists can closely monitor each artist’s optimal muscular development. IT casting process allows the company to find more talent performers in hiring. Also, it allow the company to rearrange performers according the performers injury list.
Above are only some parts of this company’s…...

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