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Civic Engagement: Portfolio Part 1

Our first task was to research a person or a group that we regard as having been or is civically engaged. During my research in the internet I came across the group called CCIVS 1 – Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service. It is an International Non Governmental Organisation (INGO) which works in a area of International Voluntary Service (IVS). The CCIVS generates and supports projects settled on the idea that the best way of creating international friendship and understanding each other, is to work together on a objective tasks. Besides guiding the consideration of the movement on the effect, policies and approval related to International Voluntary Service, the CCIVS fellows operate on the five key topics. Those are the Intercultural Dialogue, Sustainable Development, World Heritage, Health and Conflict Transformation. Civic Engagement2 is way of citizens participation in life of the community with the aim of improving conditions for others and/or helping to form the communities future. Being civically engaged means to work with the goal of making differences in the civic life of the communities. To make that difference happen people have to develop the arrangement of knowledge, skills, principles and motivation. CCIVS is helping people to understand the cultural diversity and encourage the positive value of the cultural diversity, supports other organisation to encourage the ESD – Education for Sustainable Development with volunteers and native communities. CCIVS is also engaging young and adult volunteers to protect and obtain our collective heritage, gives seminars on development of cultural responsibility and realization of health promotion operation, and bring people from very different background together where they have to deal with the incurred conflicts. In my opinion being civic engaged is very…...

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