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Friday, November 25, 11

Name Mr. Bayuningrat Place, Date of Bandung, February 13, 1983 Birth Age 28 Resident Komplek Sulaksana Makmur Jl. Sulaksana Makmur Raya 17 Telephone +62 721 1184 Mobile +62 81 321 2100 12 E-mail Occupation Tutor SBM-ITB

Client’s Wife
Mrs. Zahratul Jannah Jakarta, May 7, 1983 28 Komplek Sulaksana Makmur Jl. Sulaksana Makmur Raya 17 +62 721 1184 +62 81 743 395 5 Housewife


Child 1
Name M. Malik Danawi Place, Date of Bandung, October 30, 2007 Birth Age 4 Education Playgroup

Child 2
M. Mikail Azka Bandung, July 29, 2009 2 -

Friday, November 25, 11

Investment Style Developing Investment Period 3 until 5 years Expectation Emergency Fund 1 until 3 months of salary Scale Risk Tolerance Moderate risk taker with consideration to investment value Profit/Loss Scenario Investment Portfolio Type Mutual Fund Investment Rate Loss Resolute


Risk Profile Developing

Friday, November 25, 11

Friday, November 25, 11

Short Term, less than 1 year (before 2013)
Take a family trip for 2012 new year vacation At year 2012, Mr. Bayuningrat and his family went abroad to Australia for his Ph.D program.

Medium Term, about 1 until 5 years (following 2013 and before 2018)
At year 2015, Mr. Bayuningrat and his family returned to Indonesia after finishing his study. Buy a car at the year 2015. Children education funds.

Long Term, more than 5 years (2018 on going)
Go to Mecca, Saudi Arabia for religious journey with his wife at the year 2018. Buy a car at the year 2025. Buy a house estate at the year 2026. Enroll Malik and Mikail into Junior High School, Public High School, and Public Universtiy. Pension Fund


Friday, November 25, 11


INCOME Salary Other…...

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