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Nichelle Langford BSHS/322 Client Rec Paper: Retain, Refer, or Release 1 Dec 11 – 30 Jan 12

Case Study 1

Location: Family Support Services Center

Staff member: Tom Martin

* Demographics

* Age: 32 * Gender: Male * Marital status: Divorced * Race or ethnicity: Caucasian * Years with agency: 4

* Staff member history and current assessment

* Employed as an individual counselor for adult clients * Considered an adequate, but not outstanding, counselor * Two previous client complaints that could not be substantiated * A review of Tom’s previous case files shows four female clients who terminated counseling with no explanation * Female client of Tom has informed supervisor that he had made inappropriate sexual comments, bought her presents, had one out-of-office date’, and implied that he could help get custody of her children back from protective service with a favorable treatment report * Tom initially denied these accusations when they were presented to him but does admit that he is attracted to client

Recommendation: Release; probation. My recommendation would be to have a full investigation on the claims of the client. There is nothing wrong with being attracted to your client as long as you never voice that attraction or act upon it. While the investigation is open, Mr. Martin should be supervised while with his clients. Strategies: My only strategies for dealing with this are to have Tom Martin supervised while he is with any of his clients and to have a full investigation opened to make sure that the client was being completely honest.

Case Study 2

Location: Family Support Services Center

Staff member: Janice Wellington * Demographics * Age: 28 * Gender: Female * Marital status: Single *…...

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