Club It Part One

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Club IT Part One
Club IT is a new nightclub that recently has opened downtown. The club is owned by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada. They have just finished remodeling the inside and are very satisfied with the results. Club IT gives a great energy and is a great place to go dance, eat, or just relax with some friends. Club IT offers 6,000 square feet of fun with a short order kitchen for appetizers and also a bar. The club offers a variety of music. On Friday and Saturday nights, Club IT has live bands. On Monday through Thursday nights the club hires a DJ to play all types of music including: hip hop, techno, electronic, and some top 40s. Whereas a normal club only provides one specific type of music, they tend to only cater to a small group of people. By providing such diversity in their music, Club IT caters to anybody including older adults, married couples, singles, and young-adults. Ruben and Lisa’s mission is clear: they offer a variety of music and drinks to cater to everybody’s lifestyle and want to build a community of friends who meet at the club regularly. Although Club IT is a terrific place to the physical eye, it lacks in the IT department. Ruben and Lisa have hired me on as an intern to help give them a full analysis of their information needs.
Club IT uses an intranet structure. That is, a private network that only the owners and employees of the club can access. Although this is an excellent resource for a club, it needs to have some changes made. First, the security needs to be strengthened. Right now, all the employees have the same login and password giving them access to the same information that the owner’s have. Each employee should have his or her own username and password. This will enable Ruben and Lisa to keep a closer track on their employees. If a problem ever occurs, they will know where to pinpoint the problem to instead investigating…...

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Club It Part One

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...Club IT, Part One: En este trabajo se analizará la situación de un club nocturno ficticio llamado Club IT y se examinara su misión y clientela. Se escogerá una de las diferentes estrategias para alcanzar ventaja competitiva encontradas en el capítulo 2 de “Introduction to Information Systems” (Rainer y Turban) y se analizara que requiere Club IT para seguir esta estrategia. El ficticio Club IT tiene una misión corta y simple, ofrecer música en vivo, DJ’s, piso de baile y refrigerios que se acomodan a los diferentes estilos de vida de su clientela, además busca construir una comunidad que se encuentre regularmente en club. Esta misión puede cumplir su cometido y puede reforzar las ganancias del club creando una clientela que los visite regularmente atrayéndolos con música y refrigerios variados para diferentes gustos, pero debe de ser innovada para poder competir con otros clubes, ya que todos los clubes nocturnos ofrecen y buscan lo mismo. Club IT necesita algo que los ponga aparte del resto de los clubes nocturnos del área. Club IT necesita crear una estrategia de innovación. Primero debería de hacer una investigación del mercado, visitando diferentes clubes del área y ver que tipo servicios y productos diferentes ofrecen. Luego puede incorporar estos servicios, combinarlos o darles un giro original. También, teniendo en cuenta los servicios y productos que ya existen en otros clubes nocturnos, Club IT puede desarrollar un producto o servicio original o que por...

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...Club It, Part One Rhonda (Asyur) Watson BIS/219 March 6, 2012 Larry Voss Club It, Part One Club IT is a downtown music venue managed and owned by Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada. They learned quite a bit about nightclub operations from experience, in addition to business principles learned from their studies. Club IT has high ceilings and high energy lighting that create an atmosphere of fun and energy. For music, they hire live bands on Fridays and Saturdays, and then have a live DJ Tuesdays through Thursdays. They are closed on Sundays. The DJ uses MP3 playlists to play hip-hop, techno, electronic, and some Top 40s. The club occupies about 6,000 square feet of space with a 600 square foot dance floor, seating for 220, a kitchen for appetizers and short orders, and a bar with four pour stations. Ruben and Lisa’s mission for Club IT is to offer live music, DJ's, dance space and refreshments. Ultimately they want to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT. As for staffing, Club IT has one assistant manager, four bartenders, six wait staffers, two stewards, two short order cooks, and four security guards. With regard to the information technology Club IT has a website as well as an employee portal referred to as an intranet. The information system is used as an organizational resource to keep track of employee’s personal and professional information as well as orders, sales, and budget. The data is stored in various formatted excel spreadsheets. It is......

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...Club IT, Part 1 Club IT is located in the center of downtown. It is owned and operated by Rueban Keys and Lisa Tejada. While going to college, Rueban and Lisa supported themselves by performing in local nightclubs. With both of them having a passion for music and degrees in Business Administration they had a dream to open up a nightclub. I was very excited to be hired as an intern to analyze the Club IT informational needs. I had the opportunity to visit the club first hand one Friday night to check out the club scene. After having a wonderful time I began to come up questions about the club and the particular clientele they served. With the internal remodeling of the club that had been done it so happened it created a young, vibrant atmosphere that could be a “hit” for college students and offer a place for the older crowds to come, enjoy, relax, and have a good time. Having many ideas forming in mind during my observation, especially IT related, I went into their website to see what information was available to customers and how was it delivered to the clientele. After reviewing the club and the web site, I believe the best strategy for a competitive advantage for Club IT would to be to try Customer-Orientation Strategy. The club has spacious room and has a great potential for making it a “hit”. In addition, with the Club’s strong mission statement, addressing the information technology needs in retrospect to the Club’s needs, and performing the customer......

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