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Non Employment Conflict Management Concepts Worksheet
Andrea McKinney
MMPBL/540 Conflict Management
May 31, 2010
Louis Aliberti
University of Phoenix
Nonemployment Conflict Management Worksheet
|Concept |Application of Concept in Scenario |Citation of Concept |Personal Experience in your |
| | |in Reading |Organization |
|Formal Conflicts conflicts that |Meanwhile, Bob White, Florida President of the |Dana, 2001, pg. 7 |I currently work in a field |
|have officially involved |American Association of County and City Employees,| |where workers have union |
|mediators, arbitrators, |(AACCE) AFL-CIO, is encouraging Coastal County | |representation if they feel as f|
|attorneys, employee relations |employees to join the AACCE so that management | |they are not being treated |
|staff, or other dispute |will not be able to unilaterally act against them | |fairly when it comes to wages |
|resolution staff. |one at a time. “Stan Accord has provided you a | |and the union steps in to |
| |glimpse of what happens when employees don’t have | |negotiate on behalf of workers |
| |a united voice or the ability to bargain | |part of the union. |
| |collectively,” White maintains. “If you want to | | |
| |protect the reasonable rights…...

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