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Slide 1: Coca-Cola Continues Unethical and Dishonest Practices in India

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Overview…..: Overview….. The Indian government forced Coca-Cola out of the country in 1977 . The company returned in 1993 Each bottling plants extracts up to 1.5m litres of water everyday from the ground . It takes nine litres of clean water to manufacture a litre of Coke. In 2000 Coca-Cola opened a plant at Plachimada , a village in Kerala to produce 1.2m litres of coke every day.

Slide 4: The conditional licence granted by the local panchayat authorised the use of motorised pumps But the company drilled more than six wells & illegally installed high-powered electric pumps to extract millions of litres of pure water . The level of the water table fell from 45 to 150 metres below the surface.

Slide 5: The company started dumping waste outside causing a serious health hazard. The court gave Coca-Cola a notice to cease water extraction The theft of water was not only limited to kerala Overexploitation of groundwater soon started in Kaladera

Kala Dera - Thirsting from Coca-Cola : Kala Dera - Thirsting from Coca-Cola Kala Dera is a large village outside the city of Jaipur. Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood . Coca-Cola started its bottling operations in Kala Dera in 2004, and within a year, the community started to notice a rapid decline in groundwater levels

Slide 7: Kala Dera lies in an overexploited groundwater area and access to water has been difficult. Summers are particularly intense in the area, when water shortages are most acute. Moreover summer months are also when Coca-Cola reaches its peak production. Coca-Cola bottling plant in Kala Dera continues extracts the most water, making already existing water shortages even worse.


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