College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Biology Essays
1. The human population reached a new milestone on Oct 31, 2011. How does this impact evolution? Include climate change as one aspect of your response. (Think about Darwin's observations which led him to Natural Selection.)
-The first sentence of this question refers to our human population reaching to about 7 billion people. To my knowledge the earth can hold that many people, but on the other hand, if our human population keeps growing, I think that then nature will select (according to Darwin’s observations) due to over-reproduction and our resources being limited. When natural selection comes along there will be a lot of competition, suffering and death so that there can be room for our upcoming population. Climate change can impact the evolution in many ways because of weather intensity such as; droughts, flooding, harsh snow, heat waves and emerging disease that can occur throughout the change which can decrease our human population (death).
3. Explain which parts of evolution are random and which are not random.
-According to my notes, evolution is a process, but not a random process. It’s certain things that makes it random. Natural selection is one of those things to make parts of it random. Evolution is determined by ancestors, traits inherited and also what genes are passed.
4. Explain why pseudo genes accumulate mutations more regularly than functional genes. (Include natural selection in your response.)
-Pseudogenes accumulating mutations is basically like your guessing what biological traits or genes you’re going to get. Natural Selection is a non-random process of giving biological traits, it has no goal nor ending point. I think that the pseudogenes accumulate mutations more regularly than functional genes because functional genes are already there and active. In mutations there has to be a change in the structure of genes so…...

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College Athletes Should Be Paid

...The argument on the topic that collegiate athletes should be paid is ever growing. I’m on the side that that these athletes should be paid. Although being an athlete myself may have some influence on my side, athletes should be paid because they have no other means of income, they put many hours of work within their sport, and the universities as well as TV networks are able to make money off of these athletes. Since the NCAA doesn’t pay its athletes and denies them the ability to make money, they have no means of income. Many people say that receiving a scholarship is enough compensation, but athletic scholarships in reality are not usually plentiful enough to support entire teams. Many college athletes take scholarships because, if it was not for the scholarship, they would not be able to get into college. Their families are unable to provide for them, so they are sent to college with a scholarship and expected to survive. The athletic scholarship provides tuition, room and board and books. For many athletes that is where it ends. Also, walk-ons get the short end of the stick when they receive no compensation at all even though they put in the same amount of work that the rest of team. College athletes put many hours into their sport. Besides the rigorous class schedules, athletes have to also balance their aggressive practice schedules. Most athletes consider their sport as their jobs because they are required to work at their sport as if they are professionals. Me,......

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...Should College Athletes Be Paid? Should College Athletes Be Paid? College athletes should be paid to play for many reasons. First of all, college athletes aren’t allowed to work. How are they going to pay for all the necessary expenses if they come from poor families? This also leads to players accepting illegal money, cars, clothes, etc. College athletes bring in millions of dollars through merchandise and games. Most of the athletes that have the opportunity to leave school and turn professional do so, because college athletes live in near poverty.  Since college athletes are not allowed to work, even if they have the extra time to do so, they have to sacrifice meals, new clothes, and other necessary items in order to save money for they future. Some of the players who receive no money from their families accept illegal offers in order to buy necessary items. Most college athletes don’t turn professional, so the athletes won’t have any working experience when they get into the real world. This would give the non-athletes and an advantage in the working world over the athletes.  College athletes bring in millions of dollars to their schools. For example, the University of Miami received about 8 million dollars for the Miami Hurricanes playing in the Nokia Sugar Bowl. The apparel also brings in a lot of money by selling hats, footballs, and jerseys. Also the Orange Bowl holds over 60,000 people and they sell tickets at an average of 20 dollars each. The players......

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...Matt Miller COM 210-003 Persuasive Speech 4/4/12 Topic: Should college athletes be paid to play sports? Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience why collegiate athletes should not be paid to play. Introduction Opening Comment: Image that you just scored the game-winning basket in the NCAA basketball tournament championship. Your shot just helped the school get tens of millions of dollars. Now by a show of hands, how many of you think that you should earn a share of that money? Central Idea: One of the most controversial and prominent topics in sports today is whether or not schools should pay their student-athletes to play their sports. I am going to argue as to why they should not be paid to play. Preview of Main Points: I will talk about five key reasons as to why collegiate athletes do not deserve to be paid to play. These are because of already established scholarships, would lead to decreased competition, the fact that there isn’t enough money for schools to give out already, a removal of innocence would occur, and recruiting would suffer among schools. Transition: First, I will explain why collegiate athletes already receive enough money from scholarships and free tuition. Body I. Tuition and the “Student” A. Already receiving thousands of dollars from athletic scholarships 1. According to a Parade Magazine article, Division I student athletes can receive between $20,000 and $50,000 per year. 2. A study done......

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Should College Athletes Be Paid

...Persuasive Outline Topic: Should College Athletes be Paid?” Position Statement: Yes, but with terms. [pic] Introduction: Attention Getter: • Do you know how much the University of Missouri-Columbia made in revenue from its football program last year? o Answer: 15.3 million • Do you know how much the University of Missouri-Columbia spent on each football player on its team last year? o $25, 261 * 60 players = $1,515,660 • A difference of about 14 million dollars. Thus, the players on the field are earning less than 1% of the revenue that they are bringing into the University. In comparison, Coach Gary Pinkel makes 2.5 million per year. Audience Motivation: • Although, I will not argue that a college player should make as much as a Coach, the conversation must be had on whether college payers deserve any compensation for extra earnings a University makes off of their name. For example, Texas A&M paid Johnny Manziel (last years Heisman trophy winner) nothing after it made over $50, 000 off of his jerseys sales last year. Although, Manziel does receive a full scholarship to attend the University it does not compare to the amount of revenue that his name brings into the University or the NCAA as a whole. Understandably, not all college athletes are as popular as Manziel but this should not be to Manziel’s detriment and prevent him from earning income he would be entitled to had he not played college......

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...Right in front of him, on the field, the pop of pads smashing together brings up fourth down, and Enterprise must punt. As the referee once again blows his whistle, number 12 and his offensive line take the field. Football fills the senses with the aromas of fall. ‘GIVE ME THE AROMAS’ Crisp autumn leaves will soon drop from the trees in this final season before winter. While he rests on the sidelines after an amazing touchdown pass ‘WHY DON’T WEE SEE THIS’ , the young man reflects on his final football season. He realizes this will be his last grasp at beating his lifelong rivals. He ponders not only his own desire to win, but also that of his father. Since his birth, his father has groomed him to be the perfect specimen of an athlete. Thousands of hours, dollars, and tears have gone into his training. As the smell of the fans devouring hot dogs entices his nose, he remembers drinking extra chocolate milk shakes and eating multiple hamburgers and french fries so that he would grow larger. He contemplates his extra year of junior high school to benefit him age-wise on the football field. He thinks back to last year’s painful back surgery, and wonders if it will all be worth it if tonight’s game results in a loss. Back in the game the stench of his teammates sweat, mixed with a whiff of freshly mowed turf, invades his nostrils, and he can literally smell their hunger, as strong as his own, to win. In the bleachers behind him scents of freshly buttered popcorn......

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...Each and every year, student athletes across in the U.S. sign the “Student-Athlete” form, waiving their right to receive payment for the use of their name and image. These students work hard and devote a lot of time to their college classes and also spend additional time practicing and playing for their university athletics. The NCAA defines student athletes as amateurs, who cannot receive payment for playing their sports. In the meantime their schools and coaches are making millions of dollars in salaries and endorsement deals and student athletes are not allowed to earn a single penny from their college athletic careers. This is why college athletes should get paid for playing. College athletics are a lucrative industry. The NCAA is a multi-billion dollar industry that generated over $845 billion last year due to their players’ ability to entertain and perform to their fullest extent at all times. The most visible college sports, such as men’s football and basketball, generate staggering sums of money. Let's take the University of Michigan as a good example. Coaches’ salaries are even more outlandish. For example NCAA men’s basketball coach, Mike Krzyzewski, makes an astonishing 9.6 million and NCAA men’s football coach, Nick Saban, makes 7.3 million dollars. Athletes bring in money for their school in many different ways. Butler University saw a 43% increase in undergraduate applications after the University’s basketball team made it to the Final Four two years in...

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Should College Athletes Be Paid?

...Should College Athletes be paid? What really is the true definition of an amateur? The true definition is a person who engages in a pursuit, especially a sport, on an unpaid basis. If this is the true definition then why are the schools paying their athletes to come and help bring the attention there school. I believe if this is going to happen, they need to do it equally and give the athletes what they are deserving of. Many athletes are giving their health and stability to help make their colleges revenue. I believe the only thing that is standing against this becoming the future instead of just an idea is the men at the corrupted NCAA (National College Athletic Association). I think the NCAA and the athletic boards throughout the United States are corrupt and are money hungry. However, not every collegiate sports bring in the revenue such as football and basketball do for their universities. So if college athletes were ever to be paid it would be because of these sports. Mostly, as the U.S. News reports that the NCAA brings in more than 1 billion dollars from the NCAA Men’s and Women’s basketball tournaments (U.S. News), where does the money go for the athletes who bring them such wealth? It ends up into to the hands of the men and women that have enough money than they can handle. Which is not setting good examples for their athletes that they are in charge of. If they NCAA truly wants the amateurism to stick throughout time and not have to pay their athletes,...

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...Should College Athletes be Paid to Play. C Team BCOM/275 Robert May Should College Athletes be Paid to Play. Should college athletes be paid to play? That is the question and discussion being presented not only in this paper but also across many colleges in these United States. There are many pros and cons to college athletes being paid to play their sport, which makes this is a very controversial topic. Are the sport scholarships and uniforms enough? Should schools really pocket all that money they make in revenue from the sports teams? Many moral, ethical and legal issues can be raised in the idea of paying college athletes to play, on both the pro and con side of the issue. Should an athlete receive a full ride scholarship and also be paid from the school to play? Many big universities may be able to handle such a thing, but what about the small colleges that do not receive such a large amount of revenue from their sports teams? Can or should schools pay all the athletes or only the top players? What about Title IX, how will potentially paying athletes be affected by it? All these topics will be discussed, as well as Team C’s final decision on this matter. PROS In 2012 the athletic revenue reported by University of Texas was $163.2 million, Alabama $143.4 million, Ohio State $142.0 million and Michigan $140.1 million (Berkowitz, Schnaars, & Upton, 2014) Coaches like Nick Saban (Alabama Football) and Mike Krzyzewski (Duke Men’s Basketball) make in excess of $7......

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...Should College Athletes Be Paid? Raymond Allaire English 102 Fall A Group 10 September 7, 2014 Should College Athletes Get Paid? Many football fans are aware of the former college football star Johnny Manziel, now an NFL quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, or they know him by his moniker Johnny Football, the first ever Freshman Heisman Trophy winner. Following his Heisman Trophy and becoming one of the most renowned college athletes of all time, the seemingly untouchable Johnny Manziel was believed to have signed and then sold his autographs for money. Texas A&M raked in 740 million dollars last year and some believe a huge chunk of that came from Johnny Manziel being the exciting attraction and draw that he is. So doesn’t he deserve a little compensation for doing what he does when the pros get paid for similar exposure? For the past few years universities have been banned from bowl games, had wins taken away, and scholarships stripped as the result of a handful of players accepting "gifts" from the aptly named boosters. Should college athletes be paid as a reward for risking possible injury and potentially ending their athletic pursuits as a result, all in the name of university revenues? College athletes deserve to share in university revenues because the university benefits from them, they should be able to pursue endorsement deals if offered, and because they are risking personal injury should be afforded some degree of insurance or reward. Adrian......

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Should College Athletes Get Paid

...Should college Athletes be able to leave after their first season? AG: Many of us in this room, including myself either watch college sports or have a college that the cheer for, but what if that star player never came to that school because they weren’t required to? ID: Today I want to talk about the pros and the cons of athletes being able to leave after their first season. Ethos: Doing research about this topic has lead me to the conclusion that there are a lot of pros but also very many cons of leaving early. Preview: Today I will be telling you the pros and the cons of leaving early and if I think they should leave early. I would like to talk about the pros about leaving college first. It allows great athletes the ability to earn a living faster and provide for their families. They could but a lot of that money in the bank and start to save money for when they retire. The second pro is that it prevents an injury to occur in college, many college athletes feel that if they stay in college they could get injured and put their professional career at risk. If they decided to leave early, they will get paid great money and benefits. Lastly they would be able to save money and go and get a degree if they wanted because they have the money now. Now looking at the cons of leaving college early. If the student athlete doesn’t stay in college they won’t secure their future. For those fortunate enough to be an elite in their sport, receiving a degree is a good way to......

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...Should College Athletes Be Paid In 2013 the NCAA made 912.8 million and 85% of that came from the division I men’s basketball tournament as you can see college sports is very popular in the United States but who really wins? The average division I football player spend about 44 hours per week to football with practice and other sport related activity now mind you this is a college student. College student across the country are given homework and are expected to study for test and be prepared for class when need be so as you can see the athlete doesn’t have lots of time to spare for like working a job. Teams travel to different parts of the country to play sports against others college teams and we all know how hard travel time can be now if I’m not mistaken in this country you have to have some kind of income to make ends meet. The NCAA make all this money while the athletes in which they make the money off of has to travel and dedicate most of all their time to the sport they play. If a student can’t work a job how are they supposed to take care of themselves many student go without eating a hardy meal or having the basic needs to survive yes they may have a dorm room and a cafeteria lunch but your taking about athletes most of which are big human beings that need to eat. The NCAA make money off these kids’ jerseys, video games and autographs but the student is not allowed to take money or profit off anything while not working a job. Many people say well the......

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...Sports in the college world are popular in the U.S. world. Mainly, we enjoy watching these events because it features colleges from our state or alma mater. The athletes in college play the sport because most of them want to make a career off of it, while others play it for enjoyment. Unlike professional sports, college athletes do not get paid during their time playing in college. Usually they try to improve their stock in college in order to have a chance to play professionally by getting drafted by a pro team. However, most athletes get scholarships to enter their college of choice. Recently, there have been arguments within college athletes that they should be payed for playing their respective sport. This has been a popular topic among the college ranks whether they should pay these college athletes when they already have a scholarship and get national exposure. Nonetheless, college athletes should not be paid for playing their respective sport because athletes already have positive benefits of being able to be in college and playing a sport. There are many negative aspects of paying college athletes. We can start with financial cost within the NCAA industry. This issue has mainly started with men’s basketball and football players. The issue is that if the NCAA is to pay men’s basketball and football players, they would also have to pay women’s volleyball and soccer players, and every other athlete at these institutions. According to TITLE IX, it must provide equal......

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...Should College Athletes be paid to play? Danielle Maldonado Baker College of Allen Park Should College Athletes be paid to play? In today’s society there is a controversial debate regarding college athletes and if they should be paid to play; whether it is an extracurricular activity or a job? However, how exactly does one determine the difference? Well by definition a job is work that a person does to earn money, a duty, task or function that someone or something has, and or something that requires great work (Merriam-Webster Dictionary.) Therefore, why wouldn’t athletes playing for Division 1 schools receive the proper compensation for the hours and work they put forth with their team? I believe it is appropriate for college athletes to be to be fairly compensated due to their demanding hours and required travel time, physical trauma endured, and because they are bringing in large amounts of revenue for both the college and the companies who sponsor the team. In his article Should college athletes be paid to play, Cooper (2011) discusses the issues regarding whether or not student athletes with Division 1 schools are “employees” or just students. Michigan State law professors, Robert and Amy McCormick say that “it is definitely a job for football and basketball players on athletic scholarships and that they qualify as “employees” under federal labor laws. However, the NCAA feels quite differently, more so that student-athletes are not employees under the law and......

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College Athletes Should Be Paid

...Dustin Davis Mrs. Herr English 102 12 April 2016 College Athletes Should Be Paid Many people in the United States say that college athletes should not get paid because they already receive a scholarship. Did you know that college athletes miss quality class time to play in tournaments and televised games? What happens when that scholarship is revoked, or for the athlete that only receives a partial scholarship or not one at all? The majority of college athletes put more time into playing their sport than an employee does working a full time job. Student athletes are also core members of the University’s marketing team. How are college athletes supposed to pay for tuition and everyday expenses if they are not paid for what they do for the school? Also, a sports injury could prevent a college athlete from ever playing again. College athletics have gained immense popularity over the past few years. The NCAA is a billion-dollar industry and has been for a long time. Due to the increased ratings of college athletics, the NCAA will continue to rise. Therefore, college athletes should be paid. To begin, college athletes miss classes to play in tournaments and televised games, reducing the quality of their education. According to Marc Edelman, Forbes contributor, “The men’s college basketball teams would miss up to a fourth of their classes due to the tournaments they participate in” (“NCAA”). College athletes should receive some type of pay for this because they are risking......

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...Why College Athletes Should not be Paid Kim Howard Sullivan University ENG204X: Advanced Writing November 1, 2015 Each year as March Madness begins the big debate begins of whether or not college athletes should be paid. Why is this? Some of the top universities begin to see a mass exodus of their best athletes who are mostly undergraduate students. While most believe these athletes exit school early and join the professional leagues due to the large amount wealth they could earn. In my opinion I do not feel these student-athletes should be paid above and beyond what any other student should receive. However, I can appreciate and empathize with the viewpoints of both sides. College athletics, more specifically men’s basketball and football, provides an enormous amount of revenue for schools. However, this is not a true statement for many schools. The more prominent universities, such as Duke, University of Kentucky, and Florida State University, will receive the income and the smaller colleges struggle to just maintain their programs. This is one reason for the conflict. College athletes believe they should reap the benefits of their efforts (Gregory & Fulton, 2005). First of all, attending college and playing sports is a choice not a requirement. The choice of playing athletics is part of the experience of attending a college or a university. As such, they become student-athletes with the emphasis on student. Student-athletes are in fact paid to......

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