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Ap Synthesis essay: Illegal Immigrants Enrollment in U.S Colleges

In the United States, Colleges gives everyone an opportunity. An opportunity to enroll in a school, an opportunity to gain an education and an opportunity to major in a field that will help that individual succeed in life. Education is the key to life in becoming successful and doing something positive in life .This is why no person should be limited to enrolling in U.S Colleges. Illegal immigrants should be allowed to enroll in U.S colleges with out there being allegations and limitations made against them .In the United States, There isn't any law that stops illegal immigrants from starting and continuing an College education .Also, When illegal immigrants come to the U.S ,They help and contribute to the society by majoring in job fields that are falling short on qualified people .Everyone has a dream they deserved to be able to chase, Some People may refute and go against Illegal immigrants entrance in U.S college. That would only be because they don't understand these immigrants determination and hunger .This is why Illegal immigrants should be able to enroll in U.S Colleges.
Illegal immigrants have the same amount of rights as U.S citizens do to enroll and attend college. There is no blockade or anything in their way that is prohibiting them to do so .Text 2 “Undocumented Immigrants deserve equal access to education” States "An estimated 96,000 young undocumented immigrants in 2010 held an associate's degree or higher, According to a report from the Migration Policy Institute .Furthermore, According to the College Board Website, There is no federal or state law that excludes the admission of undocumented immigrants to U.S colleges, Public or private. While this news is disconcerting for some people, For others, It is a message of hope" .In other…...

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