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Communicating in the Workplace: Assignment 1.1

Who was the sender? I was the sender in the misunderstanding.
Who was the receiver? The receiver was a supply vendor that I ordered supplies from.
What was the message? I was trying to order a certain style of parchment paper for awards to be printed on.
What channel was used to send the message? Computer based ordering program provided by employer. It was basically internet based communication.
What was the misunderstanding that occurred? The wrong paper was delivered to my ship, and new paper had to be ordered. The stock number that was put in for the paper was similar to the one meant to be ordered, resulting in the wrong order.
How could the misunderstanding have been avoided? A double check of the order, and communication between the purchaser and supplier to ensure the order was correct. Instead of just putting in an order and pushing send, a phone call could have been made to ensure the correct items were put in for order.

Who was the sender? The sender was a superior enlisted supervisor that was in charge of putting together a watch schedule for a special detail.
Who was the receiver? The receiver was all supervisors of all personnel included in the watch list.
What was the message? The message was when the watch was to take place, including who was to start and how often the personnel would rotate, and when the watch would stop.
What channel was used to send the message? Email was used to send out the watch list to all supervisors.
What was the misunderstanding that occurred? Our department was taken off of the watch list due to a personnel shortage while deployed overseas, and the individual in charge of putting the watch list together was not informed of the changes, creating misunderstanding and confusion amongst our departments.
How could the misunderstanding have been avoided? My…...

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...process is principles that we use in day to day living. According to “Communication Process (2010)”, it is a set of steps that are taken every time formal communications are undertaken in an organization. Communication occurs at different levels and if the levels are not clarified properly, misunderstandings can occur quickly. Knowing who the sender and the receivers are, the channels in which the messages come across, what is the message, and how can it be avoided plays a huge role in the communication process. Cause of Misunderstandings The leading cause of misunderstandings is poor communication. Poor communication can cause conflict between two people. Also listening can cause misunderstandings. As an example people in the workplace find listening to be a conflict when a task given is not completed correctly. They may assume that they have all the information that the other person is telling them. Rather than listening with attention, many pick out words they want to here in a conversation. . References Communication Process. (2010). Retrieved from

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...COMMUNICATING IN THE WORKPLACE BCOM/275 JUNE 02, 2014 COMMUNICATING IN THE WORKPLACE Without communication it is hard for a team or individual to hit their goals. What has helped me be successful in my career is the ability to build report through effectively communicating with my clients, coworkers, and management team. Furthermore, I believe that communication is an essential part of being successful and should be taken serious. This paper is about two misunderstanding that arrived from a lack of communication. My first communication misunderstanding comes from when I was a personal banker at Wells Fargo. I was working with a client that was interested in a home equity line of credit, but she wanted to talk it over with her husband. We came to an agreement that I would call her in two weeks to setup an appointment. Within that time period I went on vacation. When I came back from vacation I found out that the client came in and put on an application with one of my coworkers. The message to my coworker had to be sent, encoded, received, and decoded. Therefore, I had to choose the right channel or my message would not have been clearly received. Minimizing misunderstandings is easier sad that done. This is due to the fact that misunderstandings can happen in any stage of the of the communication process. (Williams 2014) Through a face to face channel we came to the conclusion that a lack of communication was the reason for the misunderstanding. My......

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Communicating in the Workplace the notes section of the scheduling portal so that there was no ambiguity. In this scenario, the owner also learned to follow up a request like that to confirm whether the individual is intending for it to be the whole day or just the work shift. Conclusion Effective communication is a skill that has to be constantly worked on and improved, by both the sender and the receiver, in order to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. When both parties take the time to verify information being shared, and confirm comprehension, then they can be assured that the message has been understood, loud and clear. 4 References Cheesebro, T., O'Connor, L., & Rios, F. (2010). Communicating in the Workplace. Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database. mmunicating in the workplace...

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...Who was the sender? | Teacher | Who was the receiver? | Student | What was the message? | “Do those problems.” | What channel was used to send? | | The message? | Voice | What was the misunderstanding? | | That occurred? | “Those problems” was not enough information. | How could the misunderstanding? | | Have been avoided? | If I had been told what problems to do. | | | Assignments ASSIGNMENT 1.1: COMMUNICATION PROCESS MODEL Directions: Think of a misunderstanding you experienced when communicating with someone else at work, home, or school. Then fill in the blanks of the chart below. Bring your completed chart to class for sharing in small groups. After each group member has shared his or her example with other group members, answer the following questions: 1. What did you learn about the communication process from this activity? I know this may seem like a small misunderstanding but what I learned from this activity is that sometimes messages need to be specific. My teacher told me to do ‘those problems’ which were on a page in a book and then she left in a hurry because she was late for a meeting. Which problems I needed to do wasn’t specified as the page was split into three different sets of problems, so I did them all. The next day we had a laugh because only one set was required and thankfully I was given extra credit for the misunderstanding. 2. What seemed to be the main causes of the misunderstandings? The specifics. In...

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...Communicating in the Workplace Catherine Leon University of Phoenix Business Communications and Critical Thinking BCOM/275 Anthony Stern September 12, 2011 Communicating in the Workplace Assignment 1.1: Communication Process Model Directions: Think of a misunderstanding you experienced when communicating with someone else at work, home, or school. Then fill in the blanks of the chart below. Misunderstanding #1 Who was the sender? Co-worker Who was the receiver? Myself What was the message? “Please order coveralls for a technician at the refinery using the protocol previously sent “(L. Metzger, personal communication, August 30, 2011) What channel was used to send the message? Email What was the misunderstanding that occurred? The protocol previously sent was instructions for ordering coverall for a regular refinery worker. Sender failed to state that this was a contractor and not a regular refinery worker. The protocol previously sent does not give instructions to order directly through the vendor as opposed to online ordering. Contractors require special patches on their coveralls that can only be obtained through the vendor directly. How could the misunderstanding have been avoided? Had the sender specified this was a contractor and to “spot buy” directly from the vendor. What did you learn about the communication process from this activity? When communicating via email, make sure to include who, what, where, when, and why. What seemed to be the main...

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...Communicating in the Workplace Odis D. Atkinson BCOM/275 January 12, 2015 David Perry Assignment 1.1 Communicating in the Workplace Misunderstanding #1 Who was the sender? Manger Who was the receiver? Subordinate What was the message? Use of an operating system What channel was used to send the message? Face-to-Face What was the misunderstanding that occurred? The explanation of the proper use operating features. How could the misunderstanding have been avoided? Instructions and training on the operating system and its features. 1. What did you learn about the communication process from this activity? The message was not properly decoded from the manager to the subordinate which caused the breakdown. In the communication process step eight was missed because the manager did not gain feedback to ensure the message was understood. 2. What seemed to be the main causes of the misunderstandings? The cause seemed to be that there was no training, feedback, and follow-up conducted by the manager to ensure the task was understood. Misunderstanding #2 Who was the sender? Customer Who was the receiver? Manager What was the message? How to print additional photo prints from the printing system. What channel was used to send the message? Face-to-Face What was the misunderstanding that occurred? The customer ask for clarification on how to use the printing machine to......

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