Communication and Collaboration Strategies

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Communication and Collaboration Strategies
Alicia Race
University of Phoenix
Foundations for General Education and Professional Success
John Bevell
April 05, 2010

Communication and Collaboration Strategies Knowing one’s learning styles and personality type will have a major effect on the success of being able to succeed in school. There are different and they are unique just as everyone one of us. Groups allow us to attain potential that we wouldn’t be able to on our own, knowing how to communicate is especially important to avoid team conflicts. Being able to identify the two of these one can begin effectively to choose learning strategies and learning goals. Howard Gardner believed there to be at least eight intelligences possessed by all people, some of the intelligences being more fully developed than others (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007). Three of the intelligences are Musical/Rhythmic, Logical/Mathematical, and Interpersonal. Musical/Rhythmic is being able to understand the structure of music and being able to create melodies or rhythms. Logical/Mathematical is being able to inductively and deductively reason and the ability to perform complex calculations. Interpersonal is being able to cooperate within a group and create and maintain relationships. Strategies for effective communication and collaboration in a group allow teams to attain great potential. For the musical intelligence, it is important for them to take music breaks and put rhythm into words. For the logical intelligence, they can explain material sequentially to the group. Last for the interpersonal intelligence, they can bring the group together by teaching and cooperating. Another important aspect of effective teams is the ability for each member to know their personality. The most widely used assessment is the Myers-Briggs type. The Personality…...

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Communication and Collaboration Strategies

...Communication and Collaboration Strategies Homework Assignment Week 2 GEN/200 Foundations for General Education and Professional Success Prof. Giselle Bayard May 29, 2011 Communication and Collaboration Strategies When it comes to learning, there is no set or standard way for everyone to learn. In fact, every person has their own way of learning and interpreting what they learn as they perceive it. Upon completing the assessments, which emphasize on learning and personality, several learning styles and personality types have been identified. These learning styles and personality types will help develop an effective strategy for communicating and collaborating with others in a group setting. Learning Styles Three main learning styles identified upon the completion of the assessment were; interpersonal, visual spatial, and musical styles. The assessment results identify interpersonal learning as the primary learning style. Interpersonal learning, according to Carter, et al. (2007), is described as the ability to relate to others, noticing their moods, motivations and feelings through teamwork and cooperative learning activities. Interpersonal learning allows for an exchange of ideas between team members as well as personal opinions. An efficient strategy for effective communication and collaboration among others through interpersonal learning is sharing knowledge through exchange of ideas and taking all ideas into consideration brought forth by everyone.......

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...University of Phoenix 2010 Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper GEN/200 Shawn Albro Communication and Collaboration Strategy Every person has different learning styles. To communicate and collaborate effectively within a group of individuals with different learning styles and personality types can be difficult if a person does not know their weaknesses and strengths. Learning styles have also been called intelligences. There are eight intelligences that have been found but I will only discuss three of these. There are also four different personality types. I will only talk about three of these personality types and a strategy for effective communication and collaboration among them. The first intelligence is the logical/ mathematical intelligence. A person with this intelligence is easier to communicate and collaborate with by using problem solving. This type of intelligence is a problem solver when it comes to science or mathematical problems. It is easier to reason with this learning type inductively and deductively. Communicating with this person can be difficult at times in that the person will try to solve each problem to ensure that it is true. The second intelligence is visual/spatial intelligence. This type of person would be easier to communicate and collaborate with through pictures, graphs or charts. This intelligence is very visual and can understand things better by seeing what is going on in a situation. These people can see things that...

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...Developing Strategies There are a few strategies that can be helpful for creating effective communication and collaboration among certain individuals. These individuals come from a diverse background, and they have learning styles and personality traits that vary. It is a hard task to meet each learning style during one project, but individuals need to learn to adapt. For example, a visual learner must learn to adapt to writing notes during a lecture. In this paper I will develop strategies to help me, as a logical learner/thinker, communicate and collaborate well with other learning/personality styles. The Visual Learner The learning style assessment states that I am a logical learner; this means that I like to brainstorm ideas and create an outline. Being in an online class, I would be able to create an outline of ideas that the team members have come up with and post them on the computer for everyone to see. Individuals are able to post questions and responses on the computer; this is a strategy that will help visual learners keep up with what is going on. The Kinesthetic Learner A kinesthetic learner must be able to work everything through hands-on experience. I believe allowing this learner to be the one to type up the final version for an assignment would be beneficial. This will allow the individual to read the final paper while typing it up; therefore gaining knowledge from hands-on experience. The Interpersonal Learner This learner will definitely benefit...

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...time. Running head: COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION STRATEGY 1 Communication and Collaboration Strategy Your Name GEN 200 April 26, 2013 Your Instructor's Name COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION STRATEGY 2 Communication and Collaboration Strategy It is not always easy to work together in a team to finish a task, but the outcome is often rewarding. Each group member needs to pay attention to the other group members' personalities and different learning styles, so that we respect where each other are coming from. If each member of the group pays attention to their fellow learners' personality types and learning styles, they can come up with a plan that will help them collaborate with other students by communicating effectively. When I did the Multiple Pathways to Learning and the Personality Spectrum assessments, I found out that I am a Visual-Spatial learner and that my dominant personality type is an Organizer. This helps me be a successful student because it will allow me to come up with the best possible study habits and techniques for me, personally. It is not only useful for me to know my own study habits, but it is important that I learn how I can best interact with the other students and their particular learning styles and personality types. My dominant style of learning is Visual-Spatial, but a group is usually made up of a wide variety of learning styles. Learning styles include the Verbal-Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, and Interpersonal......

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...COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION STRATEGY Lamine SANOGO Gen 200 Foundations for General Education and Professional Success Louis BERLIN 03/09/2010 COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION STRATEGY “When you understand how you learn, you can make more active and effective decisions about how to choose study strategies and pursue learning goals” (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007). I never thought there were study strategies to succeed at school, or learning techniques to maximize strengths and improve weaknesses. The way of learning in my country Ivory Coast is totally different than here. When you are in primary school you have to know everything by heart. Every morning you recite your lessons in front of your classmates, with all punctuations (commas, period, etc.), and if you fail you are beaten. It means to be a good pupil you must be an excellent memorizer. I couldn’t remember my lessons for a long time and I was very scared of my teachers’ stick, therefore I came earlier to school to review my lessons. My fear helps me adjust my learning strategies and that’s how I succeeded in primary school. From secondary school to higher education the teaching style changes. You are taught how to think, solve problems and react to different situations. I was then more comfortable. I had good grades with teachers who challenged student and made them think by themselves. In the opposite, I hated courses and instructors who focused their lessons and tests on memorization. ...

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...Collaboration and Communication Strategies Rafael A. Garcia Llanos GEN 200 June 15.2010 Prof.. Clarisa Santiago Collaboration and Communication Strategies In recent weeks I have been attending one of the first classes that will help me develop myself as a good employer in the future. In the process of these classes the teacher has given us a series of exercises and quizzes that allowed us to discover the level of learning and the most appropriate method for each one to learn. Thanks to these quizzes I found that I can learn from different styles such as: • teach another person: this would help me very good to me so when I am teaching another person I meet at the same time reviewing the information and eventually be etched in my memory making an excellent learning resource • Study group: It's great because this way people can spread and comment on the task and this causes a series of talks which indirectly help you retain information • Discuss information, this will help by giving you the opportunity to repeat, investigate and share information among their peers and gives you a bit of diversity of information sources. There are millions of ways which one can learn to study and different types of learning, the last three that were mentioned are the three types of learning that I use in my person. But I understand that the best way to get three people to achieve good communication with these different types of learning is making to meet in a place where the......

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...Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper Can people with different learning styles and personalities effectively communicate and collaborate on various tasks and assignments? The way that a person learns new skills and abilities depends on his or her learning style and personality. Identifying one’s learning style is important so he or she can expand his or her learning knowledge base and identify his or her strengths and weaknesses. An individuals’ unique learning style relates to how an individual learns and processes the information he or she is given, and dictates how he or she studies and works within a group. The results from the learning pathways assessment revealed that my learning style is intrapersonal and musical. The skills and abilities related to the learning style of intrapersonal and musical are the ability to understand my own thoughts and behaviors, and the ability to think and reason on higher levels. Additionally with the learning style of musical I possess the ability to understand and develop meanings of sounds and patterns. Each learning style people develop have different attributes used to develop better understanding of the world around them. For example, another learning style an individual can possess is logical-mathematical intelligence. An individual with logical-mathematical intelligence has the skills and abilities to solve problems and possess logical reasoning skills (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007). Moreover, people who possess......

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...styles and come up with a strategy for effective communicating and collaborating within a work group of people sharing these learning styles. It will also identify three of four personality types and develop a strategy for effective communication and collaboration within a work group of people sharing theses personality types. Bodily-Kinesthetic, Visual-Spatial, Verbal-Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, and Naturalistic are the eight learning styles. Visual-Spatial, Verbal-Linguistic and Intrapersonal will be the three learning styles that will be explorer and used for examples. The Verbal-Linguistical learning style tends to remember terms easily, rewrite notes and are able to teach others as well as persuade people to do things. The Visual-Spatial learning style tends to draw charts and graphs and use color to organize his notes. This person tends to be more visual in learning. The Intrapersonal learning style tends to keep a journal, which expresses his feelings and this type prefers to study in quiet surroundings. When people from these three learning styles work together it may be best if the Intrapersonal learning style person is the leader of the group, the Visual-Spatial person would be the best person to compile and complete the presentation especially if charts and graphs are needed in it, while the Intrapersonal person would be the best one to do the recording of any meeting notes. Communication lines need to be......

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...Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper Verbal linguistic is the ability to communicate through language, reading, writing, and speaking. People with linguistic intelligence love and are talented with words. They enjoy reading, writing and learning languages. They have an ability to teach and explain things to others. They learn best by reading, taking notes and going to lectures. I can say that when I took the pathways to learning assessment my score for verbal linguistic was a 15. I do like to read, write, and tell stores I just don’t do it a lot. Visual Spatial intelligence is the ability to understand spatial relationships and to perceive and create images like visual art, graphic design, charts, and maps. People with visual intelligence are very artistic. They are very aware of their surroundings and are good at remembering images. They have a great sense of direction. They like to draw, paint and read maps. They learn best through drawings and visual aids. Interpersonal is the ability to relate to others, noticing their moods, motivations, and feelings like social activity, cooperative learning, and teamwork. People with interpersonal intelligence are good with people and thrive in social interactions. They are good at reading, empathize and understanding others. They are good at working with others and have many friends. They learn best through interaction and dialogue. I can say that when I took the pathways learning assessment my score for...

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...Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper Gen/200: Foundations for General Education and Professional Success November 6, 2010 The assignments for week two were both enlightening and somewhat frustrating as I took the learning and personality assessments. Initially frustrating because I tried to answer the questions honestly, but as I tallied my scores, the results didn’t quite seem right. I took the assessment two more times over the course of the week and obtained different results each time. I then realized, there is no “perfect score.” As stated in course materials “First, remember that any assessment is simply a snapshot, a look at who you are at a given moment. Your answers can, and will, change as you and the circumstances around you change”. (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007, pp. 38). Once I got my mind around that, I was able to gather useful insight into my personal learning style and personality, and later, those of my team. Through the assessments, I discovered that I am an Intrapersonal type learner, and my dominate personality strength is Thinker (although it was very close with two other traits). I believe both these traits are accurate in a learning or team environment, as I tend to be introverted, independent, and analytical. I did realize that I also have many traits of other types, some better developed than others. So it was armed with this knowledge that I attended our first team meeting. The assessments the other members of my team......

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...Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper As we know that everyone is unique and different, the same goes for the uniqueness and difference in their learning styles and the role of their personality type, when it comes to learning communicating and collaborating within a team. That is why different strategies for effective communications and collaborations need to be created for groups of individuals with different learning styles and different personality types. According to the book, Becoming a Lifelong Learner (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007) three of the many different learning styles are: interpersonal, intrapersonal and verbal-linguistic. Beginning with one of the different learning styles, in specific the verbal-linguistic style, a good strategy for effective communications and collaborations with this learner, is to make sure you recognize the different characteristics of this learning style. For example students with this learning style like to write, they enjoy telling stories, they like to read, they express themselves clearly, they are good in negotiating, and like to discuss topics that interest them. Based on this, a verbal-linguistic learner will require assignments that require writing papers, and book reading, just to mention a few. On another learning style like the intrapersonal learner, some of the characteristics of this student are that he needs quiet time to think, this student is interested in self improvement, he understands his......

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...Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper Vicky Davis GEN/200 Aug 23, 2010 Axia College of University of Phoenix Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper Communication and collaboration is a major key to any learning assessments. Every person has different styles of learning three of the learning styles are visual-spatial, body-kinesthetic and verbal linguistic. Each person has a different type of personality to help develop communication and collaboration effectively. Three types of personality types are thinker, organizer, and giver. Developing strategy and combining learning style and personality style will ensure that the communication and collaboration of each learning assessment is effective. A person with a visual/spatial learning style and an organizer for personality style would work well together. An organizer communicates by making notes, scheduling dates, and formatting in an orderly fashion. Information that has been communicated can be summarized, and displayed in a visual format, this way the organizer with have time to plan and organize his or her response. An organizer must have an agenda and be able to schedule time accordingly to discuss the information captured. By using visual/spatial techniques such as highlighting or color coding each note for related topics, the next step would be easy to make and action can be made. An organizer like to be responsible, prompt and want to see results, they are very detail oriented, committed,......

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...Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper Jane Doe GEN/200 January 11, 2009 Abstract This paper discusses and deals with the strategic development of collaboration and communication between different members of a group that is tasked with functioning as a team. Team functionality will be examined within the confines of a particular group or team that is comprised of people who possess different personality types and different styles of learning. There will be at least three different learning styles that are examined. The examination includes the design of a proficient strategy for the collaboration and communication between the various showcased learning styles. There will be at least three different types of personality that will be examined. The examination within the text includes the development of a method to proficiently collaborate and communicate between the varying kinds of different personalities. The assignments titled ³Multiple Pathways to Learning´ and ³Personality Spectrum´ are used as information resources within the text. This paper is meant to illustrate the concepts and strategies for success in a social contract that is known as working with others. Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper The Intrapersonal Style-  This is the learning style that represents people who need peace and quiet in order for them to successfully be able to think and develop strategic methods and answers to the questions that they may have in life during......

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...Communication and collaboration may be the most important skills that individuals need through all aspects of their lives. However, these skills may also be the most difficult skills to master. Communication and collaboration with individuals are difficult skills because of the variety of learning styles and personality types that each individual may have. Understanding different learning styles and personality types can aid in communication and collaboration. By knowing about learning styles and personality types, an individual can adjust communication to a form best received by the other individual. The first step in mastering these skills is to understand learning styles. According to Keys to College Studying, there are eight different learning styles or multiple intelligences. Three of these, and the three that I have heard about most often, are Verbal/Linguistic, Visual/Spatial, and Bodily/Kinesthetic. Verbal/Linguistic learners have the ability to communicate through language. Their strengths include listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Visual/Spatial learners understand spatial relationships and can perceive and create images that assist with their understanding. Bodily/kinesthetic learners have the ability to take in information through bodily sensation. These three learning styles include the people whom learn best by hearing the material, seeing the material, or learning by doing. Each learning style brings its own challenge concerning communication and......

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...Running head: COMMUNICATION AND COLLABORATION STRATEGY Communication and Collaboration Strategy Abstract Developing varies strategies for learning can help aid he or she’s strongest attributes. Through visual stimulation, preparing notes, or verbal communication makes less stress for success. Taking these strategies and convey them into message for collaboration can be somewhat challenging. Working with varies personalities in a diverse setting can be cumbersome. Some of the different ways toward exploring personalities would be an effective listener. Staying in touch with people’s objectives and presentation this can explain how a person feels. Being able to analysis personality traits for delegating specific job leads to substantial work. When others struggle don’t let them fall because helping people is important. Communication and Collaboration Strategy When discovering my learning style, the first thought that came to mind is being a visual learner. Rather it is from reading a book or acquiring a discussion, in my mind I create a picture, which tells me a story. This method of learning helps me because it gives me something to remember when I need to refer to information. I can be creative in my thoughts but in order to remember I must not get carried away, so I don’t confuse myself. Another strategy for learning is creating a vision to making organized notes. This is another method I have used when I was in grammar school. As people are......

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