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Experiences of misunderstanding at work scenario 1

Last year as we were preparing for our quarterly meeting, somewhere along the line in our group a misunderstanding occurred within the group. The operations market team who are responsible for putting the quarterly meeting consist of six staff. Five of the staff in the group has been with the company over six years. The last member on the team was a recent transfer from another department, though has also been with the company for about six years as well. Therefore, the majority of the team had taken part in previous market meetings except for the new member. We received an email directed to the team from the Partner in charge of the meeting with bullet points of what each person was expected to do prior to the meeting. The meeting was scheduled one month from the time of the initial email. We knew we had a deadline to meet and what was expected had been outlined in the email. We all proceeded to work on our respective parts, as each part was involved with the other therefore keeping constant communication was key to meeting the deadline. The team noticed that the new team member was not being responsive to emails and it was extremely important we know of her progress since all parts were integral of each other and without her input we were lost. Her non-responsiveness caused stress among the team because we did not know if her portion was completed, and this was imperative for the rest of us to complete our part. The deadline was close approaching and having to follow up consistently with her with minimal or no response was really starting to take its toll on the rest of us, not to mention had us at a standstill to complete our work. The group decided to have a call with her rather than continue to use email, since it was getting us nowhere. Coming from another department we were not quite sure how…...

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