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Community Collage

Juanita Henry

Grand Canyon University: EDU 310

May 20, 2012

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Community Collage/Stakeholders

A stakeholder is an important person who has a vested interest, economic, community or otherwise in an action or association. For instance, education stakeholders are not simply the education panel, parents, employees, and learner, but also former students, superintendents, employers, and community groups. This paraprofessional would modify this list to include employers and community groups under the term the general public and add to the list government and religious groups. The list above stakeholders in education have various plans on the result of schooling and the purpose of learning, which do affect how they makeup of instructive institute, define learning, and understanding the nature of the learners. The paraprofessional will touch on the roles of the following stakeholders: the general public, government, religious groups, parents, and students. The general public desires to make sure that every child is educated and insure that every economical and cultural institution are perpetuated and expanded. Its values are sheer realistic. Its technique is mainly competition, and its aim is to mold learners into the next generations of producers and consumers. Now the government is a little different than the general public. The government desires to educate students to ensure a stable, productive and powerful nation. Its technique of operation is also competition in combination with mythic inspiration and moral imperatives of altruism and civil justice. On the other hand, religious groups desire to educate students in order to bring them in line with the wills of various…...

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...My collage includes pictures of who I believe are the major stakeholders in a local school community. I started by incorporating pictures of people on the top who actually create rules for the children and teachers within the schools. I was sure to find a picture that showed a group of what I perceived as an administrator, a state representative, a superintendent and a principal gathering to create ways to better the education of students. My idea was to actually show someone from the state meeting with school board representatives with the new rules mandated. I added a picture of a gentleman separate which I choose to reflect the principal who would then pass the information learned down to his teachers. The second level of my collage is to show the teachers first having a meeting amongst themselves and making sure they all know the new curriculum put upon them for the students and the education of them thereof. The second picture shows a teacher having one-on-one time with the students to ensure they are understanding the material taught to them. The third picture is an example of a teacher meeting with the parents of the child. I choose this picture to show how teachers can incorporate family so that they also know what is being taught ensuring the support is not only there for the child at school but also at home. The next level, which is the second to bottom portion of my collage, represents families actually putting the time in to help the child at home and actually......

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...Local School Community Collage . EDU 210 June 10, 2013 .grand canyon university Local School Community Collage The collage that I created was designed to show people what stakeholders of a local school community look like. Stakeholders of education are no longer just the teachers, parents or students. Being a stakeholder involves any responsible agency, adult, business, social service, police department, fire department, council members, neighborhood watch programs, religious leaders, elected officials and many more. A stakeholder is a person or an organization that has a common, interest in what happens in the school system. Each stakeholder has the same goal in mind, and that is to make sure that each student receives the proper education and that they are treated equally. “As a stakeholder a teacher is expected to obtain the professional knowledge and lead their students through instruction” (Walters, 2011). “The school district superintendent has the job responsibility of making sure personnel selections meet state standards and benefits the district with their educational experience” (Walters, 2011). “The district superintendent as a stakeholder also makes important decisions in matters such as new school construction, the districts finance, and a major part of the curriculum and teaching that goes on in the schools of the district” (Walters, 2011). “The district superintendent has other responsibilities that include creating long-term plans for technology,......

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...Marla Sams EDU 210 – Foundations of Education October 18, 2012 Dr. Tim Florian Local School Community Collage My collage contains the major stakeholders of a local school community. They include community, family, preschool, and school district stakeholders. The community stakeholders include state lawmakers, state licensing personnel, local organization members, child service agencies, local businesses and their owners, and real estate organizations and companies. Family stakeholders are students, parents, extended family members of students, parents of community preschoolers, and student guardians. Preschool stakeholders include the preschool board of directors, program owners, program directors, preschool teachers, and preschool teaching staff. School district stakeholders are education administrators, school board members, school site committee members, teachers, other certified staff, classified staff, and school volunteers. All these stakeholders work together with the best interest of the school district at heart. State lawmakers make the laws that school districts follow. State licensing personnel ensure all school personnel are properly educated, trained, and meet all licensing requirements. They also issue all certificates and licenses to school employees. Local organization members are churches, Rotary Club, and other civic organizations; child service agencies, such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters and YMCA; local businesses and their owners; and...

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...EDU-210 November 10, 2012 Local School Community Collage To incorporate an educational school system, there are six distinctive educational stakeholders involved in this process. The school board members, superintendent, site administrator, teachers, parents, and students are closely involved in the overall operations of schools. The school board is comprised of members that are usually elected by the residents of the school district. The size of a school board varies between districts. School boards have the power to hire and fire teachers and administrators. The school district superintendent has the job responsibility of making sure personnel selections meet state standards and benefits the district with their educational experience. The superintendent makes important decisions in matters such as new school construction, the districts finance, and a major part of the curriculum and teaching in the schools of the district. The site administrator or principal is the stakeholder in the school setting; he/she is expected to set the academic tone for students, parents, staff, and community members through effective leadership. The teacher, along with the student, plays an interactive role in the education process, because one cannot function without the other. The teacher as a stakeholder is expected to possess the professional knowledge to lead the students in instruction. The parents’ role, as educational stakeholders, is to ensure that their children will......

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