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The Village of Manlius is located 30 minutes outside of the City of Syracuse. The land was settled in the late 1700s and grew out of the almost endless farmable soil, and surrounding water sources. Kathy Crowell a former Town and Village of Manlius historian wrote multiple articles that share her discoveries. Her work revealed that the towns’ population was not recorded in the US census until the early 1900s. The first 1314 individuals of the village were documented in 1913 in cooperation with the US census. On April 30, 1842 Manlius was incorporated as the Village of Manlius, shortly following the first village officials were selected. It wasn’t until 1985 that the three villages of Fayetteville, Manlius, and Minoa united as one, creating the Town of Manlius (Fayetteville And Its Industries).

Above: A picture of the Town of Manlius depicting the three villages in proximity to each other.

Above: A picture of the Town of Manlius depicting the three villages in proximity to each other.

As noted above the three villages maintained their own police departments, post offices, and residential structures, but through a municipal agreement, the villages unified to eliminate duplicate services, improve delivery and transportation routes, as well as promote town-planning standards (Lowenberg). The Village of Manlius within the greater of the Town, has a diverse and rich history that was established through the migration, settlement, and evolution of the three villages.

The Village of Manlius in the late 1700s was a peaceful and desirable location for anybody who was seeking fertile land with abundant access to water. According to Early Settlers and Development of The Town of Manlius, the original settlers built the first log cabin farm home in 1804. Kathy Crowell noted that these settlers were primarily farmers, Industrial workers, and businessmen that ran their…...

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