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Community Profile Presentation

ETH/ 316

May 21, 2012

Introduction: Diversity in Communities
Diversity is what makes everybody different and helps people to learn from one another. Imagine if everybody was the same and every community did things in the exact same way – life around the world would be boring. Diversity in communities brings new ideas and creativity to help enhance unity among the people who make up the community. According to Boylan (2009), diversity makes a community stronger and happier in the essences that change is good and resources that are more possible are created overtime.
All communities have their own way of conducting business, they have their own rules and regulations and most importantly, the people of the community help to keep their community safe, clean and united. However, when conducting a group study it was discovered that most communities have the same wants, needs and values.
To illustrate the diversity between communities we will compare five different community profiles prepared by the members of Team C and use these profiles to discuss the similarities, differences and social responsibility of each community. The purpose of this paper is to reveal that communities are very different yet very much the same.
Similarities among the Communities
Each member in Team C submitted information about their particular community, which included the population size, information about employment among residents and intricate details about what their community has to offer. All five community profiles are unique however as we compare them you will see how similar they are in the fact that each community shares the same values.

The similarities that are evident between each community is that they all have a high regard for ethics and morality. Each community has the same feelings towards the responsibility of child…...

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