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Marketing mix is the set of controllable tactical marketing tools–product, price, place, and promotion–that the firm blends to produce the response it wants in the target market

Company Background

Found in 1938, Kee Wah Bakery has grown from a small grocery shop to a household name renowned for its bakery products in over half a century, with outlets and business filaments that stretch from Hong Kong to Mainland China, Taiwan, North America and Japan. The brand now has now become a household name among locals, as well as other Asian communities around the world.

In terms of product range, aside from traditional bakery products such as mooncakes and bridal pastries, Kee Wah has also been continuously pushing the envelope of modern Chinese pastries by re-invention old-day favorites with modern touches, by incorporating new ingredients and tastes into a wide variety of traditional and innovative new products.

Mission Statement

Kee Wah is a traditional family operated company with modern management style that strives to preserve the long tradition of Chinese pastries while at the same time adheres to the philosophy of high quality and hygiene standard demanded by modern day customers. All packaging we carefully designed to be both functional and stylish, by incorporating nostalgic oriental essences with modern elegance. The recently introduced Kee Gift series is a stepforward in design and marketing concept which caters to visiting tourists in an effort to introduce traditional Chinese pastries and bakery products to the international communities all over the world.

"Hong Kong Kee Gift"

Chinese traditional food culture had a far long history; Chinese assorted cakes especially play an important role in Chinese traditions. Hong Kong, a well-known city of variety selections for Chinese and Western food, the city of east meets west. Other than inheriting…...

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