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A COMPREHENSIVE STUDY: Link between ICT growth and economic growth in the Greater China Region


As to these days, perhaps the most important enabling technology worldwide: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). China is not the only fast-growing economy that is making waves around the world. ICT in China’s current economic growth rate is approximately 9 percent annually, which is impressive economically. Its contribution to global GDP growth since 2000 has been almost twice as large as that of the next three biggest emerging economies (India, Brazil and Russia) combined. Some even refer to China as the mother of emerging markets and transition economies. China joined the World Trade Organization towards the end of 2001. It has also been experiencing a long period of steady economic growth and was chosen to host the 2008 Olympic Games. Although there is still a huge gap between China and developed countries in the development of the ICT industry, the astonishing pace of its progress shows promise for the country’s New Economy. There are empirical evidences in recent years on China’s ICT industry development and diffusion. Indeed, The ICT industry is becoming the most dynamic sector in China’s economy. However, a clear digital divide among the nation’s economic regions is foreseen. Information and communication technologies (ICT) are therefore playing an increasingly central role in today's China. In just a few years, China has become the country in the world offering the most attractive market perspectives for most ICT products and services, thus making ICT a key focus for cooperation between the European Union, China, and other nations. China's domestic ICT industry will be strong over the next five years as China continues to upgrade its telecom infrastructure and in its drive toward global…...

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