Compare and Contrast the Economic Policies of Stalin and Mao.

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Compare and contrast the economic policies of Stalin and Mao.
In Russia and China, both Stalin and Mao emerged as almost god-like leaders despite making their respective countries endure harsh programs of reform all economically, politically and socially. Mao can be seen to have adopted the policies of Stalin, both inspired by the Marxist ideologies of Lenin. Both Stalin and Mao recognized the economic backwardness of their respective countries and wanted to use industrialization and collectivisation as the primary means of increasing their economies. Although the original plans were very similar, the actual undertaking of the plans in addition to the results and how it helped consolidate both leaders may slightly vary. Comparing and contrasting the economic policies of both Stalin and Mao provides great insights into two valuable leaders and their quest to success in Russia and China, respectively. The initial aims of both the leaders can be identified as similar since they both focused on industrialization and collectivisation within their countries. Starting off with the introduction of the first 5 Year Plan by Stalin in Russia in 1928, and the introduction of Mao’s first 5 Year Plan in China in 1952, both focused on state directed growth of heavy industry, predominantly the output of coal, steel and petro-chemicals. The result of Stalin’s first 5 Year Plan was that there was very little production of consumer goods as the population’s focus was solely on heavy industry, which left horrible working conditions for the people, and evasive propaganda that encouraged workers to keep working harder. A lack of results urged Stalin to enforce extremely harsh punishments upon both workers and employers, sending them off to ‘kulaks’ or prison camps for slave labour. Mao’s determination for the creation of the first 5 Year Plan can differ slightly from that of…...

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