Compare the Methods the Poets Use to Explore the Connection Between People and the Places in Which They Live in ‘Hurricane Hits England’ and One Other Poem.

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Compare the methods the poets use to explore the connection between people and the places in which they live in ‘Hurricane Hits England’ and one other poem.

In the two poems ‘Hurricane Hits England’ and ‘Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan’ both poets use a variety of literary techniques such as the setting style and themes to invoke within the reader a sense of the narrators nationality in the poem.

The poem ‘Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan’ is set in England with a girl remembering her previous life in Pakistan. The poet Moniza Alvi depicts the dilemma of the young Asian girl who is growing up in England but family and relatives are strongly rooted in Pakistani culture and traditions. She feels lost, she’s confused about her identity and she feels ‘half-English.’ This indicates that she is not truly identifying with English cultures. The poem is written as a first person narrative to enable us to share her story, the reader can identify more easily with one person. Imagery is used throughout the poem, ‘Glistening like an orange split open.’ This enables the reader to visualise, hence become more involved and the poem becomes more alive. The conflict between her two cultures felt by this young girl is juxtaposed throughout the poem this reinforces the differences between the two nationalities. ‘My salwar kameez didn’t impress the school friend.’ Her friends did not like beautiful, top quality, traditional Pakistani clothes. The poet also makes a political comment by mentioning the ‘Fractured land’ she is referring to the conflict in Kashmir.

‘Hurricane Hits England.’ The poem is set in England and the main persona is a middle-aged Caribbean lady. The poem deals with her inner turmoil of trying to belong to two different cultures. It starts off in the third person, ‘It took a hurricane to bring her closer.’ But by the second verse it is written in first…...

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