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Presidents are known to lead the country with the best interest of citizens and hold the responsibility of many things, such as ensuring that laws are abided by, and that the government fulfills its purpose efficiently. Presidents perform these obligations differently, in which their political views and time periods served as president play a direct role in the choices they make. Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan were not only two of the most important presidents of the 20th Century, but were also very much needed as they instilled great amounts of optimism within the country. They both dealt with a wide range of issues, some of which they handled differently due to their perspectives.
Ronald Reagan and Franklin Delano Roosevelt entered the office at a time when the nation was in turmoil and dealt with economic issues. Both presidents brought courage, civility, and morals, which are necessary characteristics especially when one is a president. President Roosevelt came into office promising to help America recover from the Great Depression, and President Reagan, who won by a landslide margin of came into office at the age of sixty-nine during a period of economic hardships combined with the fear of the Soviet Union taking over our nation. Both men presented innovative plans for ending the crises and stabilizing the country as soon as possible, as well as boosting the confidence of many Americans.
Roosevelt proposed the New Deal, in response to the 1929 Wall Street Crash, and 1930's great depression. The New Deal was a series of social and economic programs that helped people in numerous ways and boosted the economy. These programs consisted of Civil Works Administration (CWA), Federal Emergency Relief Act (FERA), and the Social Security Act (SSA). They provided public works jobs, distributed millions of dollars to unemployed workers, and…...

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