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A Comparison of Discipline Models
Grand Canyon University: EDU- | Strengths | Weaknesses | Advantages | Disadvantages | Do you agree or disagree? Why? | Wong The Wongs’ approach explains that student success is based on an effective teacher. Effective teachers are those who explain and teach proper behaviors and procedures so that they become automatic to the students (Charles & Senter, 2011). | The Wong’s approach could be called a “Common Sense Approach”. Everything the plan outlines is something that could be used on a daily basis without unnecessary spending or difficulty. This approach gives teachers a clear outline of their responsibilities as well as student responsibilities (Charles & Senter, 2011). The Wongs’ approach outlines a way for teachers to explain procedures within the first two weeks. It also urges teachers to be consistent and to establish a routine so that students know exactly what to do (Charles & Senter, 2011). | The approach could be seen as too broad; it does not discuss individual needs. The Wongs outline how to use it in every grade level, but they do not discuss how to use it in specific circumstances or with individual needs. | There plan can be used at any grade level. The Wongs’ give examples of how it can be used from the elementary level to vocational courses (Charles & Senter, 2011). Staying consistent allow students to do thing right thing automatically (Charles & Senter, 2011). | The approach is almost scripted; it does not give suggestions of how to handle the unexpected. While effective teachers make for more successful students, it could be said that this approach puts more focus on the teacher than the student. | I agree with Wong’s approach. I feel that the Wongs’ approach is common sense. Their outlook on teaching is so positive, that it is…...

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