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Looking at the Mirrors of Two Heroes

Throughout each tale there has always been a hero, each completely different from another with their own flair. In the old times it was held that hero were the role models, the perfect courageous beings within their community. It’s no different that both Beowulf and Thomas Malory’s Sir Gawain were written upheld with these expectations, both deemed great heroes in these times the Angle-Saxon and Medieval period, respectfully. However, these men vary so greatly from each other especially from the attachment they have with the reader, along with their faith, traits, role in society and views.

Although both males were deemed perfect by their peers and community for their deeds the characteristic shown in each occasion split them apart in traits. When the Green Knight emerged before Arthur’s court, unlike Beowulf who welcomed the task of vanquishing Grendel, Sir Gawain offers himself up because ‘his life would be least missed’ of any (Allen 231). In contrast to Beowulf, who not only gloats about his superior greatness but also has others who spoke and knew full well of his strength, having been perceived as the ‘strongest than anyone anywhere in this world’ (Allen 42). The boasting of his own feats seem to be a natural quality of a warrior, while knights were expected to excel at modesty and humility. The example of Sir Gawain’s humbleness is something the king of Geats would never present.

Furthermore during the encounter in the end of poem, Sir Gawain breaks his code of conduct and reputation by illustrating ‘fear’. In words of the Green Knight, ‘I never heard tell that Sir Gawain was ever a coward’, as it was known throughout they were the perfect knight, to have demonstrated even a hint of weakness tarnish their appearance (Allen 236). Even when Beowulf who had…...

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