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Strengths Competencies | | Innovating | | Adapting to Change | | Writing | | Applying Expertise | | Coping with Pressure | | Strategizing | |

Competencies are the skills, knowledge, experience, qualities, and characteristics one develops and consistently develops in every aspect of their life. The development of competencies is also an on-going and ever-changing arrangement of processes. My main competencies defined through the survey are innovation, ability to adapt to change, writing, applying expertise, coping with pressure, and strategizing. These qualities are very present in my personal and professional life. I have learned to use critical thinking and to apply logic to the vast majority of decisions I make. Understanding your strengths is very important in the personal growth process.

When faced with making a decision, regardless of the simplicity or difficulty of the determination, ones competencies are the defining factor in reaching a decision. Whether or not the evaluation is of quality is also dependent upon ones competencies. Depending on the competencies of an individual, they may assist or desist in accurately evaluating an argument. In today’s workforce, management is focusing more on candidate competencies in the hiring process. Since there are an abundance of qualified candidates in many fields, employers have redefined the process to better benefit the organization to include personality, cultural, and lifestyle compatibility.

Meeting job requirements for open positions is the foundation for qualifying for a position but personal competencies are measured to evaluate and determine the best candidate and overall fit for the position. Personal strengths play a huge role in matching the unwritten criteria above and beyond the publicized job requirements. When I interview for a position, I learned to alter…...

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