Components of Fitness

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Components of Fitness
The 6 components of physical fitness are; muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, speed, body composition, aerobic endurance and the components of skill-related fitness; agility, balance, co-ordination, power and reaction time. I will relate the components of fitness to my chosen sport-netball.
6 components of physical fitness
Aerobic endurance
Aerobic endurance is having the ability to exercise for a long period without getting tired. During aerobic work the body is dependent on oxygen; also athletes who are good at aerobic endurance will have slow twitch fibres. This component is suited for an ectomorph because of their small body surface area, light frame and good thermo regulation, which is suitable for endurance based sports such as a triathlon. Aerobic endurance relates to netball because you have to continually run up and down the court for the duration of the netball game.
Muscular endurance
Muscular endurance is having the ability to keep contracting your muscles without getting tired. During an activity that uses muscular endurance they will use slow twitch fibres because of the endurance of the activity. This component is suited for an endomorph because of their large lung capacity they are able to do sports like rowing, which needs muscular endurance. They are also able to increase their muscle mass easily.
In netball you need to have good muscular endurance because you use your leg muscles – triceps and hamstrings- constantly as you run throughout the game. You also use your biceps when you pass the ball to your team mate.

Body composition
Body composition is the percentage of body weight that is fat. Many athletes try to keep their body fat low because the higher the body fat the poorer the performance in the sport. This component is suited for an endomorph as they have a lot of fat on their body,…...

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