Compute Unified Device Architecture

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Compute Unified Device Architecture --Supercomputing For the MASSES

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In this age of super-computing, the demand for the extremely high speed processors is surging. This ever-increasing demand forces us to go for the high speed Multi-core processors. Multi-core processors are no longer the future of computing-they are the present day reality. With the rise of multi-core architectures the question of the hour is: how to program massively parallel processors. Nvidia, the pioneer in GPU design, has come up with an advanced user-friendly architecture, “THE CUDA” that enables dramatic increases in computing performance by harnessing the power of the GPU (graphics processing unit). CUDA (an acronym for COMPUTE UNIFED DEVICE ARCHITECTURE) reduces the complexity of the parallel programming to a great extent. The best feature of CUDA is that we can program the GPUs using C, JAVA and other high level programming environments. In this paper, we present the basics of CUDA programming with the need for the evolution of the same. This paper also presents the different applications of CUDA, which tells us why and how CUDA scores over other parallel programming architectures.


Parallelism is the age old technique used for the efficient data processing. The same technique re-emerging into TLP i.e., Thread Level Parallelism and in combination with some finely developed manufacturing technologies provided the world with huge benefits in the form of multi cores. Generally a GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) consists of multiple number of cores for the same reason as gaming is all about “all happening at the same time”, which requires parallelism. Each new generation of GPUs…...

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