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A Chapter I Proposal to the
College of Education
Bataan Peninsula State University (Balanga Campus)
City of Balanga, Bataan

In Partial Fulfillment of the Course Requirement in
Educational Research (EDUC 115)
Bachelor in Secondary Education
Major in Biological Science


February 07, 2012



The world today is experiencing a rapid change in almost all fields of endeavor. Science has brought many changes in people’s lifestyle. It’s difficult if not impossible to live today and not experience the results of science investigations. Everyday occurrences such as hearing the weather forecast, watching television, talking on the telephone, and flying through the air are made possible through science. These are handiworks of scientists and proofs that science has become highly important in our lives and continue to change our lives and lead us to progress.
In education the center of any educative process is the learner. Since it is the task of the teacher to guide the students’ learning at various activities and stages of development, there is a need to know and understand each learner as a unique individual who is responding to a very complex environment. The school is considered the child’s formal education institution. It aims for the total development of the child, cultivating not only his mind but also his hand as well as his heart. In schools, science and technology has been brought as extension of universalization of education.

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