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Running Header: Conflict Resolution Plan

Conflicts are normal for any healthy relationship. People cannot expect to agree on everything. Learning how to cope and deal with conflict, rather than pushing it to the side is key toward resolving solutions. “Conflict may arise from differences both large and small”? Seagel & Smith, (2015). Conflict can occur when people disagree over perceptions, values ideas or even desires. These needs can cause one to feel unsecure or even disrespected. In the following scenario, the IEP Team issued a specific plan for a student with Exceptionalities that required the teachers both General Ed and Special Ed to accommodate and modify lessons to meet the needs of a student with special needs. During this scenario the General Ed teacher was monitored and it was noticed that he/she did not use any accommodations or implement any strategies to accommodate the student with exceptionalities.
Action Plan:
The current action plan will assist General Ed and Special Needs teacher in providing an equal opportunity to receive an quality education using every resource possible to accommodate and modify curriculum to meet the needs of students with exceptionalities
IEP Team/ Parent Meeting: * Inform parents of IEP meetings( Who, What, When, Why and How) * Include all IEP goals specific for the student with exceptionalities * Review assistive technology that maybe used * Identify Core subject areas that will be taught * Identify the roles of the Educators and Parent responsibilities * Design PBS (positive behavior support) plan * Review methods to modify the schedules of students with special needs * Review maps for assumptions; Inclusion, flexibility, individualization, TEAM and collaboration * Review methods of communication; Teacher, parent, Add and Administration ,Board and District
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